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    What are the main threats to cybersecurity?


    The security threats faced by computer networks are multi-faceted. The main threats can be divided into four categories: the impact of harsh environments, accidental failures and errors, man-made attack damage, and computer virus infection.If a program that can cause a computer failure or damage computer data is collectively referred to as a computer virus, then worms, Trojans, malicious web scripts, email viruses, and hacker programs are all computer viruses.

    Refers to the attacker’s intrusion into the network system, only to understand the internal structure and data of the network system; or the attacker to observe and analyze the externally transmitted data unit, to understand the address, identity and communication nature of the communication, without disturbing the information.flow.This kind of attack is not easy to detect.2 active attacks.Common cyber attacks include: exploiting network system vulnerabilities; attacking via email; decrypting attacks: backdoor software attacks; denial of service attacks.


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