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    What are the problems with 3G mobile phone power?


    a.Industrial design considerations allow mobile phones to be designed in a variety of different ways depending on the desired functionality and ergonomics.Today, you need to consider whether you can design your mobile phone into a lump, clamshell or sliding shape, all with different display, keyboard and speaker configurations.In some cases, “integrated” integration of power or audio functions may mean longer traces, complex PCB layouts, or design challenges due to noise.
    b.People should not forget the cost-effective management of mobile phone model series required by mobile phone manufacturers.If the characteristics are not required for a given model family, some specific features and their power supplies should be removed from board f: to reduce cost.
    c.Mobile phone manufacturers using the same basic chipset also need to differentiate their products from other competitors’ products, which in turn drives reintegration of various features.


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