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    What are the protection features of UCC28600?


    (1) Overheat protection.The chip overheat protection point is set at 140.C, when the temperature drops by l5.After C resumes normal work.

    (2) Cycle-by-cycle power limit.At the end of each cycle, the CS terminal voltage exceeds 0.8V, that is, the overpower limit point is reached.

    (3) Current limit.Line overvoltage protection occurs. At this time, the 0VP clamp is at 0V. When the bias winding becomes negative, OUT=H1 or resonance, the 0?V voltage source clamps OVP to 0V, and the current is sourced from the 0VP terminal. It is connected to the line 0VP.The comparator and the QR detection circuit are mirrored. If the 0VP voltage is greater than 3.75V, the line OVP comparator begins to shut down the program.


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