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    What aspects can I consider when choosing a Resistors?


    1) In order to meet the low noise requirement, the resistance of the current passing through should be a metal film Resistors or a wirewound Resistors with a small excess noise.The resistance is the same, and the same temperature r resistance has the same thermal noise. In this case, reducing the excess noise is the only way.

    2) Consider the frequency range in which the Resistors works.In addition, there are distributed capacitances in the Resistorss. The impedance of the Resistorss varies with frequency, especially when used at high frequencies (above 500 kHz).This will affect the performance of the circuit.In the test we found that the noise of the Resistors is also related to the rated power.It is not difficult to explain that two Resistorss of the same type and the same resistance, when they consume the same power, the heat generated is the same, because the heat dissipation condition of the Resistors with higher rated power is better, its temperature must be lower than the rated power.For smaller Resistorss, the corresponding thermal noise is smaller.


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