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    What is a host controller?


    When developing specifications, we should ensure that there is only one host in any USB system.The USB specification is not intended as a network architecture, its purpose is to achieve a simple interconnection of peripherals to PC.The host can be a combination of hardware, firmware or software.The host is mainly responsible for the following work: <UL><LIclass=””>Detecting the external connection and removal of the USB device<LIclass=””>Managing the flow between the host and the USB device<LI>Managing the host and the USB deviceData Flow <LI>Collection Status and Activity Data <LI>Powering External USB Devices <LIclass=””>USB System Software <LIIt is convenient for the connection of peripherals.

    Class drivers enable peripheral vendors to provide native support for operating system software, which saves the cost of developing drivers and provides drivers for new host systems, and when new storage devices are introduced, peripherals are directlyCan support drivers.Many vendors currently use the above-mentioned class drivers to implement product features, but they also provide custom drivers or applications to support more features beyond the class driver specification.


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