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    What is a piezoelectric crystal?


    There is a very interesting kind of crystal that produces different charges at both ends when you squeeze or stretch it.This effect is called the piezoelectric effect.A crystal that produces a piezoelectric effect is called a piezoelectric crystal.Crystal (α-quartz) is a well-known piezoelectric crystal.If the electrodes are plated on both ends of the sheet and are supplied with alternating current, the sheet will be periodically elongated or shortened, that is, it starts to vibrate.This inverse piezoelectric effect has been widely used in science and technology.Piezoelectric quartz flakes can be made from crystal, which is only a few square millimeters in area and only a few tenths of a millimeter in thickness.This kind of stable vibration is necessary for controlling the frequency in radio technology. Many electrical appliances such as color TVs in your home have filters made of piezoelectric wafers to ensure the clarity of images and sounds.

    There is a core component in the quartz electronic watch that you wear on your hand called a quartz vibrator.The piezoelectric crystal can even measure the pressure of the fluid in the pipeline, the pressure that the cannon barrel can withstand when launching the projectile, and the instantaneous pressure when the bomb explodes.Piezoelectric crystals are also widely used in the reproduction, recording and transmission of sound.A piezoelectric wafer mounted on a microphone converts the vibration of the sound into a change in current.These radio waves are received by the radio and reverberated into the air by the vibration of the piezoelectric crystal sheets placed on the radio speakers.Is it possible to say that the piezoelectric wafer in the microphone can “sound” the sound, and the piezoelectric crystal on the speaker will “speak” or “sing”.


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