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    What is a power MOSFET?


    We all know how to use diodes to implement the switch, but we can only switch it on and not gradually control the signal flow.In addition, the diode acts as a switch depending on the direction of the signal flow; we cannot program it to pass or mask a signal.Structurally, it is implemented by two back-to-back knots (this is not a big deal, as long as Bardeen, we might have implemented the same cathode with the same structure), but in terms of functionality it is a completely different device,Like a “faucet” that controls the flow of the emitter current – the “hand” that operates the faucet is the base current.The bipolar transistor was born in 1947, and soon a pair of outstanding fathers, Shockley and Pearson, invented (at least conceptual) FETs.FETs (junction FETs) are used for small signal processing, while MOSFETs (metal oxide semiconductor FETs) are mainly used for linear or switching power supply applications.


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