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    What is ARM?


    ARM (Advanced RISC Machines) is both a company name and a generic term for a class of microprocessors.ARM is a well-known enterprise in the microprocessor industry, designing a large number of high-performance, low-cost, low-power RISC processors, related technologies and software.Technology has the characteristics of high performance, low cost and low energy consumption.ARM is a company specializing in the design and development of RISC-based technology chips. As an intellectual property supplier, it does not directly engage in chip production. It relies on the transfer of design licenses to produce unique chips by cooperative companies. The world’s major semiconductor manufacturers from ARMPurchase an ARM microprocessor core designed for it,At present, dozens of large semiconductor companies around the world use ARM’s license, so even if ARM technology gets more third-party tools, manufacturing, software support, the overall system cost is reduced, making the product easier to enter.The market is accepted by consumers.


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