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    What is cds? What does CDS mean?


    Gate thyristor GTO (GateTurn-Off Thyristor) is also known as gated thyristor.Its main feature is that the thyristor can turn off itself when the gate is added with a negative trigger signal.As mentioned above, after the ordinary thyristor (SCR) is triggered by the gate positive signal, the signal can be maintained while maintaining the on state.The thyristor can be turned off to overcome the above defects. It not only retains the advantages of high voltage resistance and large current of the ordinary thyristor, but also has the self-shutdown capability and is convenient to use. It is an ideal high-voltage, high-current switching device.

    GTO’s capacity and service life exceed the giant transistor (GTR), but the working frequency spinning is lower than the GTR.Most of the high-power GTOs are made in modular form.Although the GTO and SCR have the same trigger-on principle, the shutdown principle and the shutdown mode are quite different.An important parameter of TO is the turn-off gain, βoff, which is equal to the ratio of the maximum turn-off current IATM of the anode to the maximum negative current IGM of the gate. The formula βoff=IATM/IGM βoff is generally several times to several tens of times.The larger the βoff value, the stronger the ability of the gate current to control the anode current.


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