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    What is data online analysis processing?


    The English name of the online data processing and processing: OLAP, the full name of English is called On-LineAnalysisProcessing Chinese name is online analytical processing, also known as online analytical processing.It involves not only querying or manipulating one or several records in a relational table, but also analyzing and synthesizing the data of thousands of records in multiple tables. The relational database system cannot fully satisfy this requirement.In foreign countries, many software vendors have adopted the development of their front-end products to make up for the lack of support for relational database management systems. They use a specialized data synthesis engine, supplemented by a more intuitive data access interface, in an effort to unify the distributed public application logic.Respond to complex query requests from non-data processing professionals in a short period of time.It provides fast, consistent, and interactive access to a variety of possible forms of observation of information, allowing management decision makers to make in-depth observations of the data.Decision data is multidimensional data, and multidimensional data is the main content of decision making.So that they can accurately grasp the business status of the company (company), understand the needs of the object, and develop the correct plan.It can be used to substantiate the complex assumptions people make, and the result is a summary of the information in graphical or tabular form.It does not mark exception information, it is a method of knowledge verification.


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