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    What is information appliance?


    What is information appliance?Dr. Vinton Cerf, who invented the Internet TCP/IP standard, known as the father of the Internet, had lived in a vivid language a few years ago, describing the future of having information appliances in the near future: when the bedroom “Know, “When you wake up, the bathtub will automatically fill with hot water.Use the “figermouse” to read the electronic morning paper… The CPUs in the home are communicating wirelessly with each other through Internet standards.Today, the life in the imagination of Joseph is now beginning to emerge.In fact, information appliances have shown great power in some places. The 39-year-old Korean housewife, Zhong Songyuan, moved his family to the Korean Network Village Apartment in November last year (the most modern technology house in the world).After that, I have never been to the supermarket.It can be said that information appliances are filled with Ms. Zhong’s home.For example, a household in a network village can open a door to a child with a mobile phone when the child returns home from school, or activate the air conditioner at home in the office before leaving the office after work in the hot summer.The family of the future has really arrived, and Asia is leading this trend.These conditions include cutting-edge technology products, consumers who love technology devices, many manufacturers eager to build network drives, densely populated residential buildings (easy to install broadband networks), and strong government support.

    In Singapore, a few lucky families have lived in network apartments that receive government subsidies.Although information appliances are still in their infancy, analysts expect the industry to grow rapidly.Japan’s Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. Kakuda stressed that today’s products, which are still very popular, can become uninspired tomorrow.In South Korea, LG Electronics sells online products including Internet refrigerators ($8,000), washing machines, air conditioners, microwave ovens, and TVs hanging on the wall.Network vacuum cleaners, rice cookers and gas stoves are also at the end of development, and new products will soon be available.In Taiwan, Sharp’s products are found everywhere in the market, including refrigerators, dehumidifiers, image detectors and smoke sensors, all of which have the ability to communicate online and communicate with each other.Information appliances are actually the integration between various home appliances and indoor networks.As far as the current situation is concerned, fully networked information appliances are just a concept.LG described the prospects of a fully connected home on the Korean network.


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