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    What is NiosII?


    The Nios II family of embedded processors is the second generation of soft-core embedded processor solutions from Altera.The Nios II processor core is a 32-bit general-purpose RISC processor with pipeline technology and Harvard architecture.It has a shared, common instruction set architecture optimized for Altera’s mainstream FPGA family.Compared to hard-core processors, intellectual property (IP) written in hardware description language (HDL) to implement the processor, developers can get the most suitable solution, because they can choose the peripherals that best suit the system needs,Performance and processor combination.On the other hand, soft-core processors can be immediately ported to the latest FPGAs, such as the Stratix II or Cyclone II family of devices based on the 90nm process.The Nios II family of embedded processors is a general-purpose RISC-based CPU that targets a wide range of embedded applications.

    The processor has a 32-bit instruction set, 32-bit data channels and configurable instructions and data buffering.It is specifically optimized for programmable logic and has a comprehensive solution for programmable single-chip systems.All three cores use a common 32-bit instruction set (ISA) that is compatible with binary code.Using industry-leading design software, Altera’s Quartus II software and SOPC Builder tools, engineers can easily embed Nios II processors into their systems.Since the FPGA is programmable, the Nios II processor implemented on the FPGA can tailor its features to meet the performance and cost requirements of the designer.”Soft core” means that the Nios II processor is not implemented by a fixed hard chip like ARM, but by software design, and then the design file is used to configure the FPGA chip.


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