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    What is the application of Bluetooth technology?


    Although the original intention of developing Bluetooth technology is to replace the connecting cable between mobile or fixed electronic devices, its unique advantages, such as low power consumption, small size and good anti-interference ability, have greatly expanded its application range.It will continue to expand.Since its inception, Bluetooth technology has been the “engine that drives the new economy” [71 has been valued by many companies and research institutions, Bluetooth products based on Bluetooth chips and Bluetooth mobile phones, Bluetooth digital cameras, Bluetooth headsets, Bluetooth MP3, etc.more and more.

    Manufacturers and researchers in other fields have come to realize that the emerging technology of Bluetooth will bring great changes to society.According to the current development of Bluetooth and the future development prospects, Bluetooth applications will have a broader market.The following examples illustrate some of the potential applications of Bluetooth technology.


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