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    What is the definition of PCM?


    PCM is used to graft an analog signal (such as voice) onto a 64 kbps digital bit stream for transmission.The PCM converts continuous analog signals into discrete digital signals. In digital audio, the pulse coding development method, so-called PCM (PULSECODEMODULATION), is commonly used.At the same time, the sampled value is represented by a set of binary codes to represent the amplitude of the sampled pulse.The biggest advantage of PCM coding is that the sound quality is good, and the biggest drawback is the large size.Our common AudioCD uses PCM encoding, and the capacity of a single disc can only hold 72 minutes of music information.Digital audio recording media include laser discs and cassette tapes.During playback, the digital signal taken out from the recording medium is demodulated, error-corrected, etc., and restored to a PCM digital signal, which is reduced to an analog audio signal by a D/A converter and a low-pass filter.


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