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    What is the difference between active and passive drives?


    1.Different Structures The pixels of the passive drive matrix are composed of a cathode and an anode simple substrate, and the intersection of the anode and the cathode can emit light, and the driving Ic needs to be packaged by a carrier tape package or a glass chip technology.

    2.Different driving modes The driving method of the passive matrix is multi-channel dynamic driving. This driving method is limited by the number of scanning electrodes, and the duty ratio coefficient is an important parameter of passive driving.

    3.The active matrix realizes high-brightness, high-resolution, high-efficiency and low-power passive matrix. Because of the duty cycle problem, the display disappears quickly when it is not selected. In order to achieve a certain brightness of the display, the brightness of each column during scanningThe average brightness of the screen should be multiplied by the number of columns.Passive matrices are difficult to achieve high brightness and high resolution.

    4.The active matrix is easy to improve the integration of the device and the miniaturized passive matrix must use external driving circuits such as COG or carrier tape automatic bonding, so that the device volume increases and the quality increases; the active matrix driving circuit is built in the display screen.It is easier to achieve integration and miniaturization..Active matrix is easy to realize large-area display passive matrix. Due to the problem of duty cycle, the number of columns increases, the duty ratio becomes smaller. In order to obtain the necessary brightness, it is necessary to increase the current density, causing a decrease in luminous efficiency and an increase in power consumption.The structure of the source matrix is easy to achieve large-area display.However, the external drive circuit required for the passive drive is also very expensive, and the active matrix built-in drive circuit does not need to be externally connected, and the passive drive of the higher resolution and colorized OLED device is not necessarily low in cost.


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