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    What is the IDEF0 construction method?


    (1) Choice of scope, viewpoint and purpose.Before you start building a model, you should first determine the foothold of the modeled object.It mainly includes determining the scope, perspective and purpose of the model.And the different components involved in the scope: the purpose is to determine the intent of the model or to clarify the objectives of its communication, to explain the reasons for modeling, such as functional description, implementation design and operation.These three concepts guide and constrain the entire modeling process.The arrow that enters and leaves the box is used to indicate the data interface between the system and the environment.This graph determines the internal and external relationships of the entire model, determines the boundaries of the system, and forms the basis for further decomposition.

    (3) Draw a top-level map.Than A.0 lower level graphics, to illustrate the contents of each box in A-0.

    (4) Establish a series of graphics.In order to form a graph structure, each box in the A-0 graph is processed with A.0 box is the same.That is, they are broken down into several main parts to form a new picture.Finally, each picture will have an attached page with a narrative description, which generally includes explanatory text and a glossary.


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