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    What is the relationship between LTE and 4G?


    With the main goal of data service provision, the LTE core network is free from the structure of the 3G core network coexisting two sub-domains: the circuit-switched domain provides voice services, and the packet-switched domain provides data services.In order to reduce the transmission delay of the system and meet the needs of the user forever online, the LTE wireless access network is designed to minimize the vertical network hierarchy.The LTE system cancels the important network element RNC (Radio Network Controller) in the 3G system, and only reserves one layer of the RAN node, the eNodeB.
    Although LTE is highly consistent with 4G in the network architecture, it can meet the technical foundation of 4G, but the wireless transmission capability of LTE has a certain gap compared with the requirements of 4G.4G supports greater bandwidth, higher spectral efficiency and higher peak rates.


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