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    What is the role of buffering?


    The MC68HC08 family provides both buffered and unbuffered output compare functions, with the unbuffered output compare function identical to the MC68HC05 family’s output compare function.It can be seen that the unbuffered output comparison is only suitable for occasions where the time variation is not too fast, and the duty cycle of the pulse is not too small, and the first buffer can be added to overcome this defect.When using the buffered output compare function, the timer channel 0 status and the MSOB bit of the control register must be set during initialization and the compare set value is also written to the 1-channel register.There is also a special case where if the pulse period is just equal to the overflow period of the timer counter and the overflow flip control flag bit TOVx is set, the output compare module flips the output level once the compare match occurs, and the count value overflows.The output level will be automatically flipped once again.


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