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    What is the role of reactors in the power system?


    Reactors used in power systems are commonly found as series reactors and shunt reactors.Series reactors are mainly used to limit the short-circuit current, and are also used in series or in parallel with capacitors in the filter to limit higher harmonics in the grid.The operating voltage can be adjusted by adjusting the number of shunt reactors.The ultra-high voltage shunt reactor has various functions for improving the reactive power related power status of the power system, and mainly includes: 1) when the large unit and the system are juxtaposed, the power frequency steady voltage of the high voltage bus is reduced, and the generator is juxtaposed.The capacitive effect on lightly loaded or lightly loaded lines to reduce the power frequency transient overvoltage.5) Improve the voltage distribution on long-distance transmission lines.6) Make the reactive power in the line as light as possible on the light load, prevent the irrational flow of reactive power, and also reduce the power loss on the line.


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