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    What is the significance of nominal power?


    In applications, Resistorss generate heat due to the flow of current, which is often referred to as generating thermal or thermal power.Thermal power loses electrical power and becomes heat dissipated. This phenomenon is called Resistors power dissipation.If the thermal power generated by the Resistors is greater than its dissipation rate, the temperature rise is greater than the temperature drop, causing the Resistors to heat up and become hot.When the temperature is too high, the Resistors will be burnt and damaged.To avoid this, the nominal power of the Resistors is specified.

    If the combined thermal power of the temperature rise and temperature reduction of the Resistors is less than the nominal power, it can work safely: if the integrated thermal power is greater than the nominal power, it will affect the stable operation of the Resistors and shorten its service life, and will burn it quickly in severe cases.In this sense, nominal power is the ability of a Resistors to withstand thermal power.Therefore, when designing the circuit and selecting the Resistors, it is necessary to fully estimate the operating conditions of the Resistors and use the nominal power reasonably.The nominal power of a Resistors is also commonly called rated power. The basic unit is watt, referred to as watt, and is represented by the letter W.Resistors is often divided into a variety of specifications according to the nominal power, in order to arrange the production or selection of Resistorss.


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