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    What is the wait mode?


    In the standby mode, the CPU and the watchdog timer that are running by the CPU clock are stopped because the CPU clock is stopped.However, when the PM22 bit in the PM2 register is “1” (the count source of the watchdog timer is the internal oscillator clock), the watchdog timer is still running.When the CM02 bit is “1” (the peripheral function clock is stopped while in the standby mode), fl, f2, f8, I32, flSl0, f2S10, fSSl0, f32S10, and fAD are in a stopped state, which can reduce power consumption while waiting for the mode., but fC32 does not stop.(2) Enter the standby mode.At this time, if the PLC07 bit is set to “0” (PLL is stopped), the power consumption can be reduced.(3) Pin status in standby mode.


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