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    What is the working principle of the D/А converter?


    The digital quantity of the code is represented by a combination of digits. For the right code, each code has a certain bit weight.The voltage values converted by two adjacent digital signals are discontinuous, and the voltage difference between the two is determined by the bit weight value represented by the lowest code point.It is a small amount that information can distinguish, which is what we call 1LSB.The maximum voltage output value (absolute value) corresponding to the maximum input digital quantity is expressed by FSR (Full Scale Range).

    The digital quantity is input and stored in the digital register in serial or parallel mode, and each digit of the digital register output controls the analog electronic switch of the corresponding bit, so that the bit of the digital 1 generates a current proportional to the weight on the bit weight network.The value is then summed by the summing circuit to obtain the analog quantity corresponding to the digital quantity.