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    What kind of development history has the MCU experienced?


    The first phase (1971-1974) is the initial stage of the microcontroller.In l971, Intel introduced the 4004 4-bit microprocessor for the first time.In December of 1974, Fairchild Company launched the 8-bit single-chip microcomputer F8, which opened the initial stage of the development of single-chip microcomputer.The second phase (1974-1978) is a low-performance microcontroller stage.In 978, Motorola introduced the M6800 series MCU, and Zil09 introduced the 28 series MCU. The company’s 280CPU is similar to the z8 MCU instruction and has been popular in the MCU market for many years.In 982, Intel introduced the MCS-96 series of 16-bit microcontrollers with higher performance than 8-bit machines.In 1988, Intel Corporation introduced the 8098/8398/8798 single-chip microcomputer in the MCS-96 series, which made the MCS-96 series single-chip microcomputer more widely used.In recent years, many new types of single-chip microcomputers have emerged, and there has been a colorful situation in the single-chip market.


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