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  • Current-Carrying Capacity and Voltage Ratings of RRC-MC35-180/30: A Technical Examination

    The RRC-MC35-180/30 battery connector stands at the forefront of power connectivity, playing a pivotal role in meeting the escalating demands for energy storage in our technologically advancing world.

    As electronic devices become more sophisticated and power-hungry, the reliability and efficiency of battery connectors have skyrocketed.

    Let’s learn more:

    Current-Carrying Capacity of RRC-MC35-180/30

    Current-carrying capacity refers to the maximum amount of current that a conductor can safely carry without overheating or causing damage. In the case of the RRC-MC35-180/30, the current-carrying capacity is determined by several factors:

    ● Material properties: The connector is made of high-quality materials such as copper alloy contacts and a thermoplastic housing with a UL 94 V-0 flame retardancy rating. These materials ensure good conductivity and thermal stability, allowing the connector to handle high currents without overheating.

    ● Contact design: The RRC-MC35-180/30 features two power pins with a larger contact area compared to the four signal pins. This design allows the power pins to handle higher currents without exceeding their temperature limits.

    ● Operating temperature: The current-carrying capacity of the connector decreases as the operating temperature increases. This is because higher temperatures can increase the resistance of the conductor, leading to more heat generation.

    ● Wire gauge: The thicker the wire gauge used with the connector, the higher the current-carrying capacity.

    ● Connection quality: A poor connection can increase the contact resistance, leading to higher temperatures and reduced current-carrying capacity.

    ● Environmental factors: Dust, dirt, and moisture can also affect the current-carrying capacity by reducing the efficiency of heat dissipation.

    RRC-MC35-180/30 Specifications

    Connector Specifications:

    Maximum current rating: The RRC-MC35-180/30 has a maximum current rating of 30A per power pin and 1A per signal pin. This means that each of the two power pins can handle a current of up to 30A, while each of the four signal pins can handle up to 1A.

    Number of power pins and signal pins: The connector features 2 power pins and 4 signal pins. The power pins are designed to handle higher currents, reflecting their role in supplying power to the device.

    Contact resistance: The connector has a maximum contact resistance of 50mOhm. Low contact resistance is crucial for efficient power transmission and preventing overheating.

    Operating temperature: The operating temperature range for the RRC-MC35-180/30 is from -40°C to +85°C. This wide temperature range ensures that the connector can operate in various environments without compromising performance.

    Voltage rating: The connector has different voltage ratings for power and signal pins. The voltage rating for power pins is 60V, while the voltage rating for signal pins is 6V. This information is crucial for selecting the appropriate voltage levels for your application.

    Pitch: The pitch, which is the distance between adjacent pins, is 7mm for power pins and 5mm for signal pins. Understanding the pitch is essential for proper mating and compatibility with other connectors.

    Dimensions and weight: The physical dimensions of the connector are 35.00mm x 12.00mm x 18.50mm, and it weighs 7g. These specifications provide details about the size and weight of the connector, which can be important considerations in certain applications.

    Mating connector: The mating connector for the RRC-MC35-180/30 is specified as RRC3570. This information is essential for ensuring compatibility and proper connections in your electronic devices.

    Safety Considerations

    It is crucial to stay within the specified current and voltage ratings of the RRC-MC35-180/30 to ensure safe operation. Exceeding these ratings can lead to overheating, damage to the connector, and potential fire hazards.

    Here are some safety tips:

    ● Use wires with a gauge that can handle the desired current.

    ● Ensure proper connection and avoid loose or damaged pins.

    ● Keep the connector clean and free of debris.

    ● Do not expose the connector to extreme temperatures or harsh environments.

    Applications of RCC-MC35-180/30

    The RRC-MC35-180/30 is well-suited for various applications requiring high current and reliable connections, including:

    Medical Devices:

    Portable Medical Equipment: The connector is ideal for use in portable medical devices such as infusion pumps, portable ultrasound machines, and handheld diagnostic tools.

    Diagnostic Instruments: It can be employed in various diagnostic instruments, including blood glucose monitors, ECG devices, and patient monitoring systems.

    Industrial Equipment:

    Robotics: In the field of robotics, the RRC-MC35-180/30 connector can be utilized in robotic arms, control systems, and sensors, ensuring reliable power transmission in dynamic and demanding industrial environments.

    Automation Systems: It is well-suited for automation applications, including conveyor systems, manufacturing robots, and automated machinery.

    Power Tools: The high current-carrying capacity makes it suitable for power tools, contributing to efficient and reliable operation in industrial settings.

    Consumer Electronics:

    Laptops and Tablets: The connector can be integrated into laptops and tablets, providing a robust power connection for devices with varying power requirements.

    Portable Gaming Devices: It is suitable for use in portable gaming consoles, ensuring a stable power supply for an uninterrupted gaming experience.

    Electric Vehicles:

    Battery Management Systems: In electric vehicles, the RRC-MC35-180/30 connector can play a critical role in battery management systems, facilitating efficient charging and discharging of electric vehicle batteries.

    Charging Stations: It can be employed in charging stations for electric vehicles, ensuring a secure and reliable connection between the charging infrastructure and the vehicle.

    Renewable Energy Systems:

    Solar Power Systems: The connector can be used in solar power systems, connecting components such as charge controllers, inverters, and battery banks, where reliable power transmission is essential.

    Wind Turbines: In the context of wind energy, the connector can be used in control systems and data transmission components of wind turbines.


    The RRC-MC35-180/30 demonstrates commendable current-carrying capacity, meeting industry standards and requirements. Its ability to handle a specified current load makes it a reliable choice for various applications, ensuring stable and efficient operation in diverse electrical systems.

    Moreover, the voltage ratings of the RRC-MC35-180/30 have been thoroughly evaluated, confirming its suitability for specific voltage requirements.

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