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    Introduction to coaxial cable

    Coaxial cable is a sort of wire which consists of four layers of materials such as a copper layer, a plastic layer, a net-like conductor, and an exterior insulating material. Coaxial cable is commonly used for transmitting analog and digital signals. Telephone network companies and television distributors have been using coaxial cable for years.  

    Types of coaxial cable

    Baseband coaxial cables

    ● The shielding layer of baseband coaxial cable is made of copper.

    ● It has a 50-ohm characteristic impedance.

    ● Common versions of baseband coaxial cable- RG-8 or thick cable and RG-58 or thin cable.  

    Broadband coaxial cables

    ● The shielding layer of broadband coaxial cable consists of aluminum.  

    ● The characteristic impedance of this cable is 75 ohms.

    ● The most common model of this cable is RG-59.

    Pros and cons of using coaxial cable


    ● Coaxial cable is used for high bandwidth levels.

    ● It can be easily installed with simple tools.

    ● It can resist electromagnetic interference.

    ● It is used to incorporate multiple channels.


    ● Coaxial cable is not a good choice for transmitting signals to longer distances as it is thick and stiff.  

    ● It is susceptible to damage in case of tangles, pressures, or abrupt bends.  

    ● Signal transmission is easily interrupted by external force.  

    Coaxial cable VS Ordinary cable

    ● Ordinary cables are made of a few groups of wires which are twisted together to form a rope-like structure. On the other hand, coaxial cables are built with concentric copper conductors isolated by insulation material.  

    ● Coaxial cables have distinctive models like baseband cable and broadband cable where the ordinary cables are categorized into AC cable and DC cable.  

    ● Coaxial cables are mainly used for computer network connections, and distribution of cable television signals whereas ordinary cables are used for installation of on-ground and underwater telecommunications or power transmission.

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