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    TPMS or the “Tire Pressure Monitoring System” is designed to automatically monitor tire pressure, alarm tire leaks, and low pressure. It is used to find out the damages of the car tires.

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    Now take a moment and go through the article to understand the application and functions of a tpms sensor.  

    Features of tpms sensor:

    1. Tpms can measure the absolute pressure in the car tire.

    2. This sensor finds out the exact temperature inside the car tire.

    3. It also calculates the acceleration in the car tire.

    4. The low-frequency receiver of the tpms sensor conducts diagnosis and mode change.

    5. The radio frequency transmitter of the sensor transmits data from the tire electronic sensor to the receiving module.

    6. It has a durable battery.

    Parts of tpms sensor

    1. Tpms consists of a smart sensor SoC with a combination of pressure, temperature, acceleration, voltage detection, and post-signal processing ASIC chip

    2. A 4-8 bit single-chip microcomputer

    3. An RF radio frequency transmitting chip

    4. Lithium battery

    5. An antenna.

    Functions of tpms sensor

    High tire pressure alarm

    The Tpms sensor detects the higher pressure values of the tires than the overpressure alarm threshold and sends out an alarm signal within the specified time to prevent accidents.

    Quick leak alarm function

    TPMS detects air leakage in tires and indicates the location of the flat tire. This sensor is used to instruct the driver to control the driving direction and stop immediately to prevent traffic accidents.

    High tire temperature alarm

    The direct TPMS is capable of monitoring the temperature inside the tire using a temperature sensor. Then it sends out a high-temperature alarm signal within a specified time indicating the location of the high-temperature tire.

    Self-check system

    The Tpms sensor has a self-checking system to detect and signal any problem with the car tires. This begins functioning after the start of the car. In case of any fault of the tire, the fault light will signal the damage until it’s resolved.

    Hopefully, you have understood the functionality of the tpms sensor to detect tire damage. Now it is high time you found the best place to buy this product.

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