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    What is a CSGA-4A Connector?

    CSGA connectors are a type of cable shield used in situations requiring high-level materials and wire protection from electromagnetic interruption. The CSGA-4A connector is specifically used to join wiring and tubing together. Other CSGA connectors include the CSGA-A, CSGA-B, and CSGA-K, manufactured by TE Connectivity Raychem.

    A CSGA-4A connector is a tubing connector manufactured by TE Connectivity Raychem. These connectors are used in various industries and applications, including trains and rail, commercial airplanes, and power grids.

    What is an Electrical Connector?

    Electronic connectors, or electrical connectors, are pieces or tools that connect circuits to one another. According to TE Connectivity, the manufacturer of the CSGA line, “connectors enable contact between wires, cables, printed circuit boards, and electronic components.” These parts range from rudimentary plug and socket connections to high-level circuit connectors on complex electrical machinery.

    The electrical connectors manufactured by TE Connectivity are broad but are mostly configured to withstand the harshest conditions available, such as extreme cold and even space. CSGA-4A connectors are electronic connectors that make contact from one piece of wiring to another while acting as a cable shield.

    Other CSGA connectors perform similar functions but are different sizes and shapes and may have different compatibilities.

    Why Do You Need Shielded Cable Connectors?

    Cable shields are an essential aspect of electrical wiring and must be used as a protective mechanism that stops signals from one cable from interfering with the signals of another. More specifically, shield tubing helps to prevent electromagnetic interference (EMI) from occurring.

    In high-level applications, like the industries in which CSGA connectors are used, EMI and electrical disruption can seriously damage expensive equipment without proper cable shielding. EMI has the potential to cause physical and electrical damage that can devastate a project and even endanger people working on or around the machine in question.

    With the industries in which CSGA connectors are commonly used, avoiding EMI interference is necessary. CSGA connectors help to join cables while protecting the electrical components from magnetic fields that may disrupt, overload, or damage the system. Safety for people and the devices they interact with is the main reason shielded cable connectors are used.

    Grounding and CSGA Connectors

    Grounding is another aspect of electrical wiring that cannot be ignored. Some CSGA parts are explicitly geared toward this wiring element, ensuring that connections are properly grounded. These protections are required to prevent people and machinery from experiencing the effects of a power surge.

    Power surges can be costly or deadly. If the wiring is not grounded correctly, severe electric shock, electrical fires, or permanent and catastrophic damage to the machine are possible. With proper grounding, excess electrical energy resulting from a power surge becomes diverted to the grounding wire of the machine or the device instead of to the device itself or people who are interacting with it.

    TE Connectivity’s line of CSGA parts, which act as shields and connectors for grounding wires, aim to prevent safety hazards on devices such as planes, tanks, ships, missiles, and more.

    Features of CSGA Parts

    • Made of heat-shrinkable sleeves, which make connection seamless, safe, and secure.
    • Manufactured by TE Connectivity Raychem, which has a nearly 25-year-long positive reputation.
    • Intended for high-level use in industries such as aerospace, rail, and defense.
    • Highly durable and capable of withstanding extreme temperatures and conditions, including space.
    • Capable of preventing EMI and other interference.
    • Use in the grounding of electrical devices.

    Where Can You Buy TE Connectivity CSGA-4A Connectors?

    As the name suggests, you may think you can purchase TE Connectivity Raychem CSGA-4A connectors directly from the manufacturer. Unfortunately, TE Connectivity Raychem does not currently sell the CSGA-4A connector directly. While TE Connectivity Raychem doesn’t list a reason, the CSGA line of connectors is somewhat old.

    Instead, the manufacturer employs distributors of their products to consumers for this particular line of connectors. Independent distributors are trusted electronics dealers primarily selling electrical parts online. They are usually certified and associated with established brands and associations to avoid the possibility of consumers purchasing counterfeit electronic components.

    WIN SOURCE, for example, is an online electronic components store that sells electronic components from various reputable brands, including the CSGA-4A part from TE Connectivity Raychem. It is a direct-source online electronic store that carries both high-level components and basic parts.

    Overall, the CSGA line of connectors is a high-quality part intended for situations where durable and reliable connections are necessary. Capable of preventing EMI and grounding high-level devices, CSGA connectors are an excellent option for your connector needs. While the CSGA-4A cable shield connector is no longer available for purchase directly from its manufacturer, there is a reputable option online to make your purchase.

    WIN SOURCE has been an electronic components distributor since 1999 and helps customers find difficult-to-find electronic parts, such as the CSGA parts from TE Connectivity Raychem. As a leading source in the electronics industry, WIN SOURCE is the best way to access CSGA connectors and cable shields from a reliable, non-counterfeit provider. For more information on how to purchase CSGA connectors from WIN SOURCE, click here.


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