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  • WIN SOURCE Partners with Raftar – The Perfect Combination of Speed and Innovation

    As a world-renowned supplier of electronic components, WIN SOURCE has been adhering to the concept of “technical innovation, service first”, providing high-quality electronic components and efficient solutions for global customers. And today, we are honored to announce to you that WIN SOURCE has officially become a sponsor of Raftar, working together to promote the innovation and development of electric formula racing technology.

    Raftar is an electric formula racing team from India. They adhere to the concept of technological innovation and environmental protection. By participating in international competitive events, they have demonstrated the excellent strength of Indian automotive engineering technology. The sponsorship of WIN SOURCE will provide reliable support for Raftar and help them achieve good results in the competition.

    WIN SOURCE’S sponsorship is not only to support Raftar’s race trip, but also to express its admiration for innovation and technology. We firmly believe that through this cooperation, the young generation’s passion for technology can be stimulated and the continuous progress in the field of automotive engineering can be promoted. This resonance of speed and innovation makes us and Raftar a community of destiny. In this cooperation, WIN SOURCE will not only be a sponsor, but also a solid partner. We will provide Raftar with comprehensive technical support to help them play their best in the competition. At the same time, we hope that through this sponsorship, we will showcase the outstanding achievements of Indian automotive engineering to the world and contribute to the promotion of sustainable transportation technology.

    The cooperation between WIN SOURCE and Raftar also aims to jointly meet the challenges and lead the future. We believe that technological innovation and the pursuit of speed will bring unlimited opportunities and possibilities. As a partner, we will work together to contribute to the development of the automotive engineering and electronics industries driven by technology and innovation. Thanks to Raftar for trusting and supporting WIN SOURCE . We look forward to creating a bright future with Raftar and exploring new glories for the integration of technology and sports.


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