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  • WIN SOURCE’S Generous Sponsorship of BCN eMotorsport – Helping Formula E Team Succeed

    WIN SOURCE, as a well-known electronic components supplier, has won industry recognition for its comprehensive product range and excellent service. However,WIN SOURCE not only focus on providing high-quality electronic components for various industries, but also actively support those teams and projects that are committed to the fields of sustainable development and environmental protection. That’s why WIN SOURCE is proud to announce this partnership with the BCN eMotorsport Formula E racing team.

    BCN eMotorsport is a student formula team from Barcelona that designs, builds and tests Formula 1 cars for prestigious international competitions. They are committed to promoting the development of electric vehicle technology and demonstrating their innovation and competitiveness in international events. However, to achieve this goal, the team needed a reliable partner to provide high-quality electronic components and support. It is in this regard that the sponsorship of WIN SOURCE has played a vital role.

    WIN SOURCE is known for its wide product range, superior quality and reliable supply chain management. Not only provide various sensors, memories, microprocessors and development tools, but also provide customers with detailed product catalogues, specifications, prices and stock information. This enabled the BCN eMotorsport team to obtain the required electronic components and ensure efficiency and reliability in the design and manufacturing process.

    I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to the BCN eMotorsport team for sponsoring this event. This partnership not only provides important resources for the development of the team, but also strengthens innovation and technological advancement in the field of Formula E racing. WIN SOURCE’S sponsorship plays an active role in advancing sustainable transportation and clean energy technologies, contributing to their future.

    Under the sponsorship of WIN SOURCE, the BCN eMotorsport team will continue to work hard to achieve excellent results in international competitions and make positive contributions to the development of electric formula racing. This sponsorship partnership not only brings mutually beneficial opportunities for both parties, but also demonstrates the potential of collaboration between industry and academia. Through joint efforts, we will jointly promote technological innovation and create a better tomorrow for sustainable mobility in the future. Whether it is the success in competitive events or the promotion of sustainable transportation technology, the cooperation between the BCN eMotorsport team and Win Source will continue to set an example for the industry and make positive contributions to society. This sponsorship relationship will bring more opportunities for both parties to move towards a brighter future together.


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