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    1N5822RLG Schottky barrier diode

    1N5822RLG Schottky barrier diode

    1N5822RLG schematic symbol

    1N5822RLG schematic symbol

    Schottky diodes or Schottky rectifiers are solid state electronic components which use metal at the semiconductor junction. These diodes are characterized by their fast switching speed, low capacitance, and low forward-voltage drop. These types of diodes are mostly used in RF and power rectification applications.

    What is 1N5822RLG?

    The 1N5822RLG is a Schottky barrier power diode manufactured by multiple companies including ON Semiconductor, ST Microelectronics and Vishay Semiconductor Devices. The 1N5822RLG employs modern device features like chrome metal barrier, epitaxial construction, and metal overlap contact. These diodes/rectifiers are ideal for use in low-voltage, high-frequency inverters, as polarity-protective diodes, and as freewheeling diodes. The ‘RL’ in the suffix signifies that the diodes come in a reel packaging of 1500 units. The ‘G’ in the suffix signifies that the packaging is lead free.

    Pin Configuration

    Like all other diodes, the 1N5822RLG is a bipolar device with two terminals. One terminal is anode and the other one is cathode. The device pin description is given in the table below:

    Pin type Number of pins
    Anode (positive) Unmarked side
    Cathode (negative) Marked side


    • Extremely low forward turn-on voltage
    • Very low power losses and high efficiency
    • Very fast switching
    • Fast recovery time
    • High forward-surge capacity
    • High frequency operation
    • Low stored charge and majority carrier conduction
    • Availability of lead free packages
    • Guard ring for over-voltage protection
    • RoHS compliant


    The common applications of 1N5822RLG Schottky barrier diode are listed as following:

    • Low-voltage high-frequency inverters
    • Freewheeling diode in electronic circuits
    • Polarity protection diode in circuits
    • DC-DC power electronic converters
    • High-voltage clamping applications
    • Anti-battery drain diodes in standalone PV systems


    The major technical specifications of the EP3C25F256C7N are provided as following:

    • Average rectified forward current: 3.0A
    • Peak repetitive reverse voltage: 40V
    • Non-repetitive peak reverse voltage: 48V
    • RMS reverse voltage: 28V
    • Thermal resistance: 28OC/Watt
    • Non-repetitive peak surge current: 80A
    • Case: Epoxy
    • Weight: 1.1g
    • Polarity: Marked cathode


    1N5822AMP , 1N5822 ,  1N5822TR; 

    How 1N5822RLG work?

    One of the common applications of Schottky diodes is rectification. Rectifier is a circuit which converts AC voltage into DC voltage. Rectifiers are an integral part of any power supply circuit. They are widely used in inverter, DC-DC converter, and motor drive circuits. The two major advantages of Schottky diodes over the Silicon diodes are the fast switching time and low forward voltage drop. When a diode is in on-state, some voltage drop occurs across the diode’s terminals, which is known as forward voltage drop. The forward voltage drop of Schottky diodes is only 0.2-0.3V compared to the 0.7-0.8V drop in Silicon PN junction diodes. The high switching speed and low forward drop makes the Schottky diodes ideal for use in low-voltage high-frequency power electronic converters and inverters.

    The main disadvantage of Schottky barrier diodes is their limited thermal capacity and power ratings. The limited power rating implies that these devices cannot be used in high-voltage applications. In addition to that the thermal design of the circuit also becomes very important due to device’s thermal constraints.

    1N5822RLG Schottky diode rectifier application circuit

    1N5822RLG Schottky diode rectifier application circuit

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