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    TC358743XBG package diagram

    TC358743XBG schematic symbol

    TC358743XBG schematic symbol

    The resolution and the image/video quality of the multimedia content is getting improved by each passing day. This off course means larger file sizes and huge data transfer between multimedia devices. Specialized integrated circuits are required to keep up with the faster data transfer protocols such as HDMI, MIPI, and LVDS. These devices are known as bridges which are used as an interface between processors and peripherals with different interfaces. Toshiba is a leading manufacturer of such bridging devices used extensively in image/video systems.

    What is TC358743XBG?

    The TC358743XBG is a bridge device manufactured by Toshiba which converts HDMI-RX stream into MIPI CSI-2 TX. The current and the next generation of baseband ICs and application processors do not have a dedicated video streaming input port. These processors and ICs only incorporate a CSI-2 port for camera input. However, due to large number of smart phone device in existence, the smart phone processors often require video input. This solution for the absence of a dedicated video port on the processor is offered by TC358743XBG. This IC takes HDMI video as input and converts it to CSI-2 format which can then be fed to the smart phone processor.  

    Pin Configuration

    The pin configuration of the EP3C25F256C7N is provided as following:

    Functional group Pin count
    System 4
    CSI-2 TX 10
    HDMI-RX 8
    DDC 2
    EDID 2
    CEC 1
    HPD 2
    Audio 4
    IR 1
    I2C 2
    APLL 4
    Power 12
    Ground 10
    Misc 2
    Total 64

    The more detailed information about the pin-out can be obtained from the figure below:

    TC358743XBG System pinout description


    • Video format support up to 1080P @60fps
    • Internal audio PLL for tracking N/CTS value
    • 3D video support
    • DDC and EDID support
    • Maximum clock speed of 165MHz
    • Supports up to 1Gbps per data lane
    • I2C slave interface
    • Supports normal, fast and ultra-fast modes
    • I2S audio output interface
    • NEC infrared protocol support
    • Operating voltage range of 1.8V to 3.3V
    • Typical power consumption of 0.5W


    Some of the common applications of TC358743XBG are presented as following:

    • Multimedia players
    • Television circuits
    • Raspberry Pi video conversion
    • Smart phone video conversion
    • Image processing systems
    • Gaming consoles


    The major technical specifications of the TC358743XBG are listed as following:

    • Supply voltage (digital I/O): -0.3V to 3.9V
    • Supply voltage (digital core): -0.3V to 1.8V
    • Input voltage (CSI): -0.3V to VDD_MIPI + 0.3V
    • Output voltage(CSI): -0.3V to VDD_MIPI + 0.3V
    • Input voltage (digital I/O): -0.3V to VDDIO + 0.3V
    • Output voltage (digital I/O): -0.3V to VDDIO + 0.3V
    • Junction temperature: 125OC
    • Storage temperature: -40OC to 125OC
    • Maximum supply noise voltage: 0.1 Vpp
    • Package dimensions: 6mm x 6mm

    How TC358743XBG work?

    The current generation and the next generation of application processors and broadband ICs in the smart phones do not have a dedicated HDMI video streaming port. These processors only feature a CSI-2 port for camcorder/camera input. To cope with this problem, bridge ICs are used. The bridge IC converts the HDMI video into CSI-2 format which acceptable to the smart phone processor.

    TC358743XBG video bridging application diagram

    TC358743XBG video bridging application diagram

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