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    ALC888GR device package

    ALC888GR device package

    ALC888GR schematic symbol

    ALC888GR schematic symbol

    In audio based embedded and signal processing systems, CODEC chips are the integrated circuits which combine Analog-to-digital and Digital-to-analog converters in a single package. The primary job of a CODEC is to convert analog audio signals into digital signals and construct analog signals from digital signals. The special purpose CODEC chips provide fast signal conversion and great signal quality.

    What is ALC888GR?

    The ALC888GR is a high performance audio CODEC chip developed by REALTEK. The ALC888GR features 7.1+2 channel high definition audio CODECs with 10 DAC channels. The chip also houses two stereo ADCs which support stereo microphone and features Active Echo Cancellation, Beam Forming, and Noise Suppression technology.

    The analog I/Os on the chip can be configured as input or output. Each analog output integrates headphone amplifier as well. The 16/20/24-bit S/PDIF support ensures easy connectivity of PCs with high-quality consumer-grade digital decoders and speakers. The chip makes use of REALTEK proprietary technology which provides dynamic range playback quality of 97dB and dynamic range recording quality of 90dB. The chip works seamlessly with Windows based laptops and PCs. The ALC888 series chips provide excellent home entertainment and gaming experience, thanks to the EAX/Direct Sound 3D/I3DL2/A3D compatibility.  

    Pin Configuration

    The pins on the ALC888GR are divided into the following groups:

    Pin group Functionality
    Digital I/O pins Input and output pins for receiving/sending digital signals to external peripherals
    Analog I/O pins Input and output pins for receiving/sending analog signals to external peripherals
    Filter & reference voltage pins Pins for the configuration of filters, bias voltages, and reference voltages
    Power/ground pins Pins for providing the digital voltages, digital grounds, analog voltages, and analog grounds


    • High performance DACs with 97dB SNR
    • High performance ADCs with 90dB SNR
    • Ten DAC channels with 16/20/24-bit PCM format support
    • Two stereo ADC channels with 16/20/24-bit PCM format support
    • 1k/48k/96k/192k sampling rates supported by DACs
    • 1k/48k/96k sampling rates supported by ADCs
    • High quality analog differential CD input
    • Built in digital BEEP generator
    • Supports external PCBEEP input
    • Support for legacy analog mixer architecture
    • Wide volume control range of -80dB to +42dB with 1.5 dB resolution
    • Software configurable boost gain for microphone input
    • Built-in headphone amplifier for each re-tasking jack
    • Two GPIOs for custom applications
    • Improved voice quality due to digital microphone interface
    • EAX 1.0/2.0 compatible
    • Direct Sound 3D compatible
    • 10 band software equalizer
    • Realtek media player
    • Acoustic Echo Cancellation, Beam Forming, and Noise Suppression features
    • Dolby Home Theater feature


    The ALC888GR is employed as an audio CODEC hardware in the following applications:

    • Desktop PCs
    • Laptops
    • Set-top boxes
    • Gaming consoles


    The major technical specifications of the ALC888GR are provided as following:

    • DAC SNR: 97dB
    • ADC SNR: 90dB
    • Sampling rates: 44.1k/48k/92k
    • Output reference voltage: 2.5V/3.75V
    • Volume control range: -80sdB – +42dB
    • Package: 48-pin LQFP
    • Microphone features: AEC/BF/NS

    How ALC888GR work?

    The ALC888GR chips are used in Windows based PCs and laptops to implement the audio CODEC hardware circuitry. The main task of these CODEC chips is to convert the analog audio signals into digital audio signals and vice versa.

    ALC888GR audio codec application circuit

    ALC888GR audio codec application circuit

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