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    SSD1926QL9 Pin diagram

    SSD1926QL9 Pin diagram

    SSD1926QL9 device package

    SSD1926QL9 device package

    SSD1926QL9 schematic symbol

    SSD1926QL9 schematic symbol

    Audio/video entertainment systems are a must in modern day cars. These A/V systems are different from home entertainment systems because of automotive standards and the compact space. These Audio/Video systems are essentially embedded systems which require image and audio processing.  

    What is SSD1926QL9?

    The SSD1926QL9 is an image processor specially designed for automotive applications by Solomon Systech. The image files are saved in an SD/MMC card in JPEG format. The SSD1926QL9 retrieves the JPEG image files from the card and displays the image on the LCD. A number of different types of LCD screens are supported including STN, CSTN, and TFT. The SSD1926QL9 offers 2D graphics acceleration features such as virtual display, cursor display, image rotation, BitBLT, color fill, and color expansion. The SSD1926QL9 can be interfaced seamlessly with almost all the popular microcontrollers in the handheld device market. The image processor requires only a single clock source. The SSD1926QL9 features advanced power management system which ensures low power consumption.

    Pin Configuration

    The pins on the SSD1926QL9 are grouped into various groups. The description of each of these pin groups is given in the following table:

    Pin group Description
    I Input pins
    O Output pins
    IO Bi-directional input/output pins
    P Power pin
    AN Analog pins
    LIS LVCMOS Schmitt input
    LB2 LVCMOS IO buffer
    LB3 LVCMOS IO buffer
    LO1 LVCMOS output buffer
    LO2 LVCMOS output buffer
    LO3 LVCMOS output buffer
    LT2 Tri-state output buffer
    Hi-Z High impedance pins


    • Hardware JPEG decoder can decode images with variable size up to 1280 x 1040
    • Screen panning and scrolling in virtual display mode
    • 0, 90, 180, 270 degrees image rotation options
    • Two blinking cursors with three different colors
    • Line/Rectangle/Ellipse drawing option
    • Bit block transfer (BitBLT)
    • 1,2,4,8,16 and 32-bit-per-pixel color depth support
    • Supports monochrome and STN 4/8/12/16 bit interface
    • Support TFT 9/12/18/24 bit interface
    • Support 18-bit HR-TFT interface
    • 8-bit serial TFT interface
    • Support for smaller LCD panels using SPI and 8-bit MCU interface
    • SRAM interface for ARM core type MCUs
    • ISA interface for NEC MIPS type MCUs
    • 8/16 bit 8080 indirect addressing mode
    • Memory mapped I/O
    • Big/little Endian format support
    • Compatibility with SD/MMC card
    • 13 GPIOs
    • Advanced power management


    The main application of SSD1926QL9 image processor is:

    • Image processing/camera system in automotive applications


    The major technical specifications of the EP3C25F256C7N are provided as following:

    • Maximum image size: 1280 x 1024
    • Image rotation angles: 0/90/180/270
    • Color depth: 1/2/4/8/16/32 bits-per-pixel
    • Host MCU interface: SRAM/ISA
    • GPIOs: 13
    • SRAM: 256 kiloBytes
    • Packaging: LQFP 128-pin

    How SSD1926QL9 work?

    The SSD1926QL9 is a high-performance image processor specially designed for automotive industry. The image processor interfaces with the SD/MMC card to retrieve the JPEG images and display them on the LCD screen. The module is compatible with almost all the standard LCD types. The module interfaces with the host microcontroller (ARM or otherwise) to send/receive image data. The module requires only a single clock source and features advanced power management system for increased efficiency.

    SSD1926QL9 LCD driver application circuit

    SSD1926QL9 LCD driver application circuit

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