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    BAL-NRF01D3 device package

    BAL-NRF01D3 device package

    BAL-NRF01D3 schematic symbol

    BAL-NRF01D3 schematic symbol

    In modern communication systems there is often a need for achieving compatibility between two systems. Many times there are systems which output balanced signals and need compatibility with unbalanced systems. This is especially true for telecommunication, radio, cellular and audio / video systems. The device which is used for achieving compatibility between balanced and unbalanced signals is known as a balun. These devices find extensive usage and application in the RF circuits.

    What is BAL-NRF01D3?

    The BAL-NRF01D3 is an ultra-miniature balun for RF applications developed by ST Microelectronics. The device package also integrates impedance matching network and harmonic filter. The impedance matching circuit of this device is also integrated into Nordic Semiconductor devices such as NRF51422-QFAA. In order to attain optimal RF performance levels, the device employs ST’s proprietary IPD technology on a conductive glass substrate. This balun device is ideal for use in RF, microwave and high frequency communication systems.    

    Pin Configuration                            

    The balun device BAL-NRF01D3 is a five pin device. The pin configuration is given in the table below:

    Pin name Description
    DIFF Differential input 1
    DIFF Differential input 2
    VCC Power supply
    GND Ground connection
    SE Signal output


    • 50 Ohm nominal input
    • Conjugate match with multiple Nordic Semiconductor devices
    • Low insertion loss
    • Low amplitude imbalance
    • Low phase imbalance
    • High RF performance
    • IPD technology on conductive glass substrate
    • Very low profile < 595um
    • RF BOM and area reduction
    • Small footprint < 1.5mm2


    The BAL-NRF01D3 balun package has its applications in the following areas:

    • 45 GHz impedance matching balun filter
    • RF and microwave applications
    • Integration into Nordic Semiconductor RF chip-sets
    • High frequency radio and cellular communication systems


    The salient technical features and specifications of the BAL-NRF01D3 balun device are listed as following:

    • Input power RFIN: 20dBm
    • Footprint: <1.5mm2
    • Nominal input impedance: 50 Ohm
    • Bandwidth: 2400-2540 MHz
    • Bandwidth insertion loss: 2.25dB
    • Bandwidth return loss: 10dB
    • Phase imbalance: 3 degrees
    • Amplitude imbalance: 0.1dB
    • Operating temperature range: -40-105oC
    • Package: Lead-free flip chip
    • Weight: 1.82mg
    • Delivery mode: tape / reel

    How BAL-NRF01D3 work?

    The BAL-NRF01D3 is an RF balun device which is intended for use in RF and high frequency applications. The device is used for impedance matching and balanced-unbalanced systems compatibility. This device is also integrated into the RF chip sets of Nordic Semiconductor. This balun device also integrates a harmonic filter into the same package. This device finds it applications in the areas of RF systems, radio systems, cellular networks, television transmission systems and microwave communication systems.

    An application circuit featuring the BAL-NRF01D3 and Nordic Semiconductor RF processor is shown in the figure below:

    BAL-NRF01D3 application circuit

    BAL-NRF01D3 application circuit


    BAL-NRF01D3 physical circuit integration

    BAL-NRF01D3 physical circuit integration

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