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    CC3100R11MRGC device package

    CC3100R11MRGC device package

    CC3100R11MRGC schematic symbol

    CC3100R11MRGC schematic symbol

    The fourth industrial revolution is in the process of unfolding right now. The paradigm of Industry 4.0 comprises of several key enabling technologies. One of the most important technologies in the context of Industry 4.0 is the Internet of Things. The internet of things is an amalgamation of embedded systems, software engineering, sensors technology and communication systems. In order to meet the security, performance and technical requirements of the IOT devices, several new communication protocols are being introduced. Since, internet connectivity is of vital importance for the operation of IOT devices, hence the role of WiFi technology becomes crucial. New WiFi enabled controllers and processors are being introduced in the market for IOT applications.

    What is CC3100R11MRGC?

    The CC3100R11MRGC is a single chip WiFi network processor for IOT based MCU applications. This chip enables any low-cost, low-power microcontroller to connect with IOT. The device integrates all popular and major protocols related to internet and WIFI. In addition to that, the device also integrates security related protocols and features. The device also incorporates a power management system for low power consumption and increased power efficiency. The CC3100 also has a great support and availability of resources such as reference designs, programming guides, software tools, and sample applications. The device is available in QFN package type. 

    Pin Configuration                            

    The pins of the CC32100R11MRGC are divided into several pin groups. The description of each group is given in the following table:

    Pin group Description
    Power This group includes pins related to digital core supply, I/O supply, PLL supply, internal LDO input, RF power amplifier supply, converter switch outputs, analog converter switch output, battery power supply and ground.
    I/O This group contains pins related to GPIOs, SPI clock, SPI data I/Os, interrupt outputs, reset inputs, UART interface and test signals.
    Analog This group consists of pins related to crystal oscillator and WLAN oscillator.
    N/A These pins are not connected to anything internally. These are blank pins.


    • Integrated WIFI network processor
    • Integrated power management system
    • Dedicated ARM MCU core
    • Support for multiple internet protocols
    • Built in TCP/IP stack
    • Crypto engine for secure internet connectivity
    • Low power consumption
    • Supports 8-bit, 16-bit and 32-bit MCUs
    • Advanced low power modes
    • 40MHz internal crystal oscillator


    The applications of the TI CC3100 WIFI chip are listed as following:

    • Cloud connectivity
    • Home automation
    • Consumer electronics
    • Security systems
    • Access control systems
    • Smart energy systems
    • Industrial control systems
    • Smart metering applications
    • IP network sensor nodes


    The major technical specifications of the TI CC3100R11MRGC chip are presented as following:

    • CPU core: ARM
    • TCP/UDP sockets: 8
    • TLS/SSL sockets: 2
    • Encryption: 256 bit AES
    • UDP data rate: 16Mbps
    • TCP data rate: 13Mbps
    • MCU interface support: 8/16/32 bit
    • Supply voltage range: 2.1V to 3.6V
    • Oscillator: 40MHz
    • Package: QFN
    • Dimensions: 9mm x 9mm

    How CC3100R11MRGC work?

    The CC3100 WIFI chip is used in conjunction with external microcontrollers in order to provide IOT connectivity to the embedded systems. The chip is built around an ARM processor core and requires very less external components for setup. In addition to that the CC3100 also features a power management system for increased power efficiency. This chip is widely used in home automation and industrial automation equipment. In such application circuits, the power supply voltage might vary significantly due to jitters and ripples. The chip is used in wide voltage mode in such applications.

    The wide voltage mode application circuit is shown in the schematic diagram below:

    CC3100R11MRGC application circuit

    CC3100R11MRGC application circuit

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