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    BLE112-A-V1 device package

    BLE112-A-V1 device package

    BLE112 schematic symbol

    BLE112 schematic symbol

    With the advancement in consumer and commercial electronics, latest communication protocols and technologies are emerging very quickly. The modern laptops, mobile phones and entertainment systems commonly feature Bluetooth connectivity for wireless communication. BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) is an extension of the original Bluetooth technology which is geared for low power consumption in handheld and wearable electronics. This particular protocol is getting widespread acceptance in the areas of wearable electronics, smart watches, internet of things and other novel applications. The BLE enabled hardware operates on radio frequencies for wireless communication. Specialized chips, modules and controllers are being developed for BLE to be used in wireless communication applications.  

    What is BLE112-A-V1?

    BLE112-A-V1 is an integrated single mode BLE module developed by Silicon Labs. This single mode module offers all Bluetooth Low Energy features in single package. These features include radio, stack, profiles and application space. The BLE112 does not need any external processor and sensors, user interfaces and display units can directly be connected to the module. The module can be directly powered from a 3V coin cell battery or a pair of AAA batteries. The current consumption and the latency of the system are very low.

    Pin Configuration         

    The pin description of the BLE112 module is given in the table below:

    Pin number Number of pins
    1,10,21,30 Ground pins
    29 Reset pin
    31 RF input/output pin
    32 RF ground pin
    2,3,9,20 Supply voltage pins


    Configurable I/O pin
    17,18 Configurable I/O with 20mA drive capability
    11,12 USB pins


    • Support for master and slave modes
    • 4+ simultaneous connections in master mode
    • Integrated BLE stack
    • Ultra low current consumption
    • Support for sleep mode
    • Built in programmable 8051 microcontroller for embedded applications
    • CE, FCC, KCC certifications


    The BLED112-A-V1 is used in the following applications:

    • Wireless biomedical instrumentation
    • Wireless data transmission in pedometers
    • Smart watches and fitness bands
    • Wireless connectivity in weight scales
    • BLE tags for security applications
    • Wireless keys for automobiles and homes
    • HID keyboards and peripherals
    • Indoor GPS broadcasting equipment


    The major technical specifications of the BLE112-A-V1 module are given as following:

    • Integrated BLE stack: GAP, GATT, L2CAP, SMP
    • TX power: +3dBm to -23dBm
    • RX sensitivity: -85dBm to 91dBm
    • Transmit mode current: 27mA
    • Sleep mode current: 0.4uA
    • Built in processor: 8051
    • Certifications: CE, FCC, KCC
    • Max UART baud rate: 2Mbps
    • Antenna efficiency: 33%
    • Max antenna gain: 2.3dB
    • Interfaces: SPI, I2C, PWM, UART, GPIO
    • ADCs: 12-bit



    How BLE112 work?

    The Bluetooth low energy is a new wireless communication technology featuring low power consumption, fast response time, reliability and security. The BLE technology is 10-20 times more power efficient and 50 times faster than the conventional Bluetooth technology. For this reason, the adoption of this technology is biomedical applications is happening at a rapid pace. A very important application of BLE112 module is the implementation of wireless heart rate monitor. In such a system, a remote heart rate sensor collects the patient’s data and sends it to remote heart rate collector GATT server. The sensor data is then logged and processed on the server.
    The pin connection of the BLE module for heart rate monitor application is given as following:

    BLE112 application circuit pin connection

    BLE112 application circuit pin connection

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