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    MAX232D device package

    MAX232D device package

    MAX232D schemtic symbol

    MAX232D schemtic symbol

    In computer systems and digital communication systems, RS-232 is a very widely used serial digital data transmission protocol. The RS-232 protocol defines the electrical parameters of the signals, timing of the signals and the connector types. Computer systems widely used RS-232 protocol for communication with modems, printers, mice and other serial peripherals. In RS-232 communication systems specialized ICs are used for providing the required signal voltage levels from a given power supply. Such ICs are known as drivers/receivers whose primary task is to convert the TTL/CMOS voltage levels into TIA/EIA-232 signal voltage levels.

    What is MAX232D?

    The MAX232D is an EIA-232 driver/receiver developed by Texas Instruments. The device package consists of a capacitor voltage generator for providing the TIA/EIA-232 voltage levels from a single 5V supply. The built-in receivers convert the TIA/EIA-232 input signals into 5V TTL/CMOS voltage signals. The receivers have a typical threshold of 1.3V, hysteresis of 0.5V, and input voltage limits of +30V. The IC is available in SOIC, PDIP and SOP packages. The package outputs are protected against shorts to ground.

    Pin Configuration

    Pin number Pin Name Description
    1,3 C1+, C1- C1 Capacitor leads
    2,6 VS+, VS- Charge pump outputs of storage capacitor
    4,5 C2+, C2- C2 Capacitor leads
    7,14 T2OUT, T1OUT RS232 line data output
    8,13 R2IN, R1IN RS232 line data input
    9,12 R2OUT, R1OUT Logic data output
    10,11 T2IN, T1IN Logic data input
    15 GND Ground pin
    16 Vcc Supply voltage Vcc


    • Meets or exceeds the TIA/EIA-232-F and ITU requirements
    • Single 5V supply operation
    • 0 uF charge pump capacitors
    • Maximum data transmission rate of 120 kbit/s
    • Package houses two drivers and two receivers
    • Input voltage level limits of +30V
    • Low current consumption of 8mA
    • ESD protection exceeds JESD-22 standard


    The MAX232D dual EIA-232 driver/receiver has following applications:

    • Signal level conversion in RS-232 communication systems
    • Battery powered serial communication systems
    • Signal conversion in data communication terminals and modems
    • PCs and serial computer peripherals


    The salient technical specifications of MAX232D IC package are given as following:

    • Voltage supply: 5V
    • Max data rate: 120 kbps
    • Input signal voltage level: +30V
    • Typical supply current: 8mA
    • ESD protection: JESD-22
    • Junction temperature: 150oC
    • Maximum driver slew rate: 30 V/us
    • Receiver propagation delay; 500 ns

    How MAX232D work?

    The MAX232D is a dual driver and receiver built into a single package for RS-232 digital serial communication systems. The device package needs only a single 5V supply for its operation. The built-in driver converts the TTL/CMOS signals levels into EIA-232 signal levels. The built-in receiver converts the EIA-232 signal levels into TTL/CMOS signal levels. These drivers/receivers ICs are very widely used in industrial, commercial and domestic serial computer and communication systems.

    The typical application circuit of MAX232D is presented in the figure below:

    MAX232D application circuit

    MAX232D application circuit

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