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    BQ32000DR device package

    BQ32000DR schematic symbol

    An RTC (real time clock) is an integrated circuit which houses a very precise and accurate clock for time keeping in digital electronic circuits. The RTCs are very commonly used in computers, laptops, mobile phones, servers, and other embedded systems. In fact they are used in all those digital circuits which require accurate time keeping. One of the major advantages of RTC is that they include a backup source of power and keep on functioning even when the main system’s power is shut off. The backup power source used to be Lithium-ion batteries in older RTCs however super-capacitors are mainly used in modern RTCs. The other advantages of RTC include low power consumption and accurate time keeping. RTCs use a 32.768 kHz crystal oscillator for clock pulse generation. The typical accuracy of these clocks is around 5 parts per million. Apart from standalone ICs, RTCs are also commonly integrated into microcontroller ICs.

    What is BQ32000DR?

    The BQ32000DR is a real time clock integrated circuit designed by Texas Instruments. This RTC is designed a compatible replacement of industry standard RTCs. The device houses an automatic backup power source with integrated trickle charger. The calibration of the device is adjustable within the range of -63ppm to +126ppm. The device registers are updated every second and there is no timing glitch in the system. The device also features leap year compensation and compensation for months with less than 31 days. This RTC chip can be interfaced to the microcontrollers using I2C protocol. The device comes in a SOIC-8 package.  

    Pin Configuration

    The pin configuration of the BQ32000DR real time clock is given in the table below:

    Pin number Pin name Pin description
    1 OSCI Oscillator input pin
    2 OSCO Oscillator output pin
    3 VBACK Backup battery voltage pin
    4 GND Ground pin
    5 Vcc External supply voltage
    6 IRQ Configurable interrupt output
    7 SCL Serial clock pin
    8 SDA Serial data pin


    • Very accurate time keeping
    • Compensation for leap years
    • Compensation for months less than 31 days
    • I2C serial communication interface
    • Integrated oscillator fail detection
    • Low power consumption
    • Automatic power sensing and switching


    The applications of BQ32000DR real time clock are provided as following:

    • Single board computers
    • PC/laptop motherboards
    • Instrument clusters
    • Automotive electronics
    • Avionic systems
    • Smart phones and tablets
    • Programmable logic controllers
    • Telecom equipment
    • Embedded systems


    The major technical specifications of the BQ32000DR real time clock IC are provided as following:

    • Terminals: 8
    • Package: SOIC-8
    • Max input voltage: 4V
    • Max junction temperature: 150 degrees
    • ESD rating: 2000V (HBM)
    • Input voltage range: -0.5V to 7V
    • Leakage current: 1uA
    • Pre-calibration accuracy: 35ppm
    • Max I2C clock frequency: 400kHz


    DS1391U-3 , DS1390U-3 , DS1390U-3+T&R; 

    How BQ32000DR work?

    The BQ32000DR is a real time clock IC from Texas Instruments. This RTC IC is very widely used in laptops, motherboards, consumer electronics, telecom systems, automotive applications and embedded system. This RTC chip is capable of providing very accurate data about seconds, days, months, years and dates. The RTC chip contains a backup power source which allows it to keep functioning for extended periods of time even when the main power source is shut off. This IC can be interfaced to the microcontrollers and microprocessors using I2C interface.

    A typical application circuit of the BQ32000DR is given in the figure below:

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