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    DRV8825PWP device package

    DRV8825PWP schematic symbol

    Motors are one of the most commonly used electrical devices in the world. They are commonly used in all types of industrial, commercial and consumer electronic applications. In fact, the second industrial revolution was kick started due to the invention of motors and electrical machines. There are many different types of motors such as induction motors, synchronous motors, BLDC motors, servo motors and stepper motors. The stepper motors are very widely used in robotics and automatic machinery. In a stepper motor based system, the control circuit of the motor is of great importance. Without efficient and accurate control, the motor cannot deliver the required performance. The motor driver ICs are commonly used to control the power circuit of the motors. The motor driver ICs simplify the control circuit and provide control signals for driving the motor.

    What is DRV8825PWP?

    The DRV8825PWP is an integrated motor driver circuit developed by Texas Instruments. The device features two H-bridge drivers and a micro-stepping indexer. This drive is meant for the bipolar stepper motors. The output driver block consists of N-channel power MOSFETs configured as full H-bridges to drive the stepper motor. Each output of the driver is capable of driving 2.5A current. Proper heat sinking is required with the device to avoid overheating. The presence of a simple STEP/DIR interface makes the interfacing with control circuits quite easy. The motor can be configured for full step to 1/32 step modes. Configurable decay mode allows for slow decay, fast decay and mixed decay. The device also features a low power sleep mode for low power consumption. The device also features protection features like over current, short circuit, over temperature, and under voltage lockout.

    Pin Configuration

    The pin configuration of the DRV8825PWP stepper motor driver is given in the table below:

    Pin name Pin description
    CP1, CP2 Charge pump flying capacitors
    GND Ground
    VMA, VMB Bridge A and B power supplies
    VCP High side gate drive voltage
    V3P3OUT 3.3V regulated output
    AVREF, BVREF Bridge A and B, current set reference input
    DECAY Decay mode pin
    DIR Direction input
    MODE0, MODE1, MODE2 Micro-stepping mode 0,1,2
    nENBL, Nreset, nSLEEP Enable, reset, sleep pins
    AOUT1, AOUT2, BOUT1, BOUT2 Bridge A and bridge B outputs
    ISENA, ISENB Bridge A and B ground


    • Built in micro-stepping indexer
    • Up to 1/32 micro-stepping configuration
    • Supports multiple decay modes
    • 5 current drive capability
    • Simple STEP/DIR interface
    • Low current sleep mode
    • 3V referencing
    • Small footprint
    • Over-current protection
    • Thermal shutdown
    • Under-voltage lock down


    The applications of DRV8825PWP stepper driver are provided as following:

    • ATM machines
    • Money handling machines
    • Video security cameras
    • Printers
    • Scanners
    • Office equipment
    • Factory automation
    • Gaming machines
    • Robotic applications


    The major technical specifications of the DRV8825PWP stepper motor driver are provided as following:

    • Max supply voltage: 47V
    • Reference voltage: 3.3V
    • V3P3OUT load current: 1mA
    • Supply current: 5mA
    • Sleep mode supply current: 10uA
    • Step frequency: 250kHz

    How DRV8825PWP work?

    The DRV8825PWP is a stepper motor driver IC from Texas Instruments which is meant for bipolar stepper motors. This IC comes with two H-bridge controllers and one micro-stepping indexer. These ICs are very widely used for stepper motor control in a variety of applications.

    The application circuit of this IC is provided in the figure below:

    DRV8825PWP application circuit

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