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    Figure 1 IKW40N60H3 device package

    Figure 1 IKW40N60H3 device package

    Figure 2 IKW40N60H3 schematic symbol

    Figure 2 IKW40N60H3 schematic symbol

    What is IKW40N60H3?

    The IKW40N60H3 is a 600V 40A high-speed DuoPack IGBT with built-in freewheeling diode. The major advantage of this IGBT package is the turn-off switching behavior similar to a MOSFET which results in low turn-off losses. IKW40N60H3 ensures high efficiency at a high switching frequency. The device packaging type is PG-TO247-3.

    Pin Configuration

    The IKW40N60H3 is a three terminal power electronic switching device. Like other commonly available transistor devices, the three pins are collector, gate, and emitter respectively. In the device package, the leftmost pin is the gate, the middle pin is the collector, and the rightmost pin is the emitter.

    Pin Number

    Pin Name Pin Description
    1. Gate Control voltage signal is applied to the gate terminal in order to turn the device on/off.
    2. Collector The collector terminal of the IGBT device.
    3. Emitter The emitter terminal of the IGBT device.

    Pin Diagrams

    The IKW40N60H3 device image, schematic symbol, and package diagram are provided as following:

    IKW40N60H3 package diagram

    IKW40N60H3 package diagram


    • Reduced switching losses
    • Reduced VCE(SAT)due to Infineon’s TRENCHSTOP technology
    • High frequency switching with minimal EMI emission
    • Reduced electromagnetic interference (EMI)
    • Soft and fast-recovery anti-parallel diode
    • Maximum junction temperature of 175oC
    • JEDEC-qualified for target applications
    • Technical support and availability of PSPICE models
    • RoHS complaint design


    • UPS (uninterruptable power supplies)
    • Power electronic converters for welding applications
    • High switching frequency power electronic converters
    • Power electronic converters for industrial heating applications

    Technical specifications

    The IKW40N60H3 device package combines a high-speed IGBT switch with a fast-recovery freewheeling diode. IGBT stands for Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor and can be considered as a hybrid between a MOSFET and a BJT. The desirable features of a MOSFET (high switching speed, high input impedance, high current rating) and a BJT (low saturation voltage, low switching losses, high voltage rating) are combined in an IGBT. The fast-recovery freewheeling diode is built in the device package and is connected in anti-parallel configuration to the IGBT. The freewheeling diode provides a convenient and safe path for the negative current flow in the circuit.

    The prominent technical specifications of the IKW40N60H3 are provided as following:

    • The switching frequency ranges from 20 kHz to 100 kHz
    • The collector-emitter rated voltage is 600V
    • The rated output current at 100oC is 40A
    • The diode forward current at 100oC is 20A
    • The operating temperature range is -40oC to 175oC
    • Collector-emitter saturation voltageVCE(SAT) at 125oC is 2.30V
    • Turn-on delay time is 19ns whereas turn-off delay time is 197ns
    • Rise time is 33ns and fall time is 21ns
    • Device package type is TO-247-3
    • Device dimensions are 20.7 x 15.87 x 5.31 mm
    • Device material type is Silicon

    Case Analysis | How IKW40N60H3 Work?

    The IKW40N60H3 IGBTs modules are ideal for use in industrial heating and welding applications due to the Infineon’s TRENCHSTOP technology. The power electronic converter of the welding machines commonly uses IGBTs at the inverter stage. IGBTs are either used in half-bridge or full-bridge configuration to create an inverter. The low losses at high switching frequencies ensure higher converter efficiency and improved performance. The faster switching frequency also reduces the size and cost of transformers and magnetic elements in the circuit.

    IGBT inverter in welding converter

    IGBT inverter in welding converter


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