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    IM41GR device package

    IM41GR schematic symbol

    Relays are electromechanical switches which are widely used in industrial and consumer applications. Since, the operating principle of relays is based on magnetic induction therefore relays also provide a layer of isolation between the low-voltage control circuit and high-voltage power circuit. In certain types of applications such as telecommunication systems, relays with increased reliability and fast switching times are needed. In such applications, signal relays are used which fulfill these performance criterion.

    What is IM41GR?

    IM41GR are high-performance signal relays manufactured by TE Connectivity. These relays have a voltage rating of 220VAC and a current rating of 2A/5A. The typical coil power consumption is 140mW which is quite low. These relays are also resistant to mechanical shock and can withstand a shock of 300g. The contacts of the relay are coated with Lead-Rubidium + Silver alloy for high performance, durability and reliability.   

    Pin Configuration

    The pin configuration of the IM41GR signal relay is provided in the following table:

    Pin number Description
    1,8 DC control signal pins: DC voltage control signal is applied to these contacts in order to switch the relay on or off.
    2,7 Normally closed relay contacts: These contacts are closed or shorted when the relay coil is not energized by the control signal voltage.
    3,6 Common relay contact terminals. These are the common contacts between the normally open and normally closed relay contacts.
    4,5 Normally open relay contacts: These contacts are closed or shorted when the relay coil is energized by the control signal voltage.


    • Rated switching current of 2A/5A
    • Rated switching power of 60W
    • Rated switching voltage of 250VAC
    • Low coil power consumption of 100mW
    • High dielectric and surge capability of 2500Vrms
    • Up to 300g mechanical shock resistance
    • Silver covered contacts for reliable switching              


    The application areas of IM41GR signal relays are listed as below:

    • Telecommunication networks
    • Access and transmission equipment
    • Optical network terminals
    • Modems
    • Consumer electronics
    • Test equipment
    • Industrial control systems
    • Medical equipment
    • HVAC systems


    The major technical specifications of the IM41GR are provided as following:

    • Coil type: Bi-stable
    • Rated current: 2A
    • Rated voltage: 250VAC
    • Coil power dissipation: 100mW
    • Control voltage: 1.5VDC
    • Typical operating time: 3ms
    • Mechanical shock resistance: 50g
    • Vibration resistance: 20g
    • Terminals: SMT gull wing type
    • Packaging: Reel type
    • Standard compliance: UL-508

    How IM41GR work?

    Signal relays are very widely used in communication systems equipment. One of the key circuits in a public telephony system is the subscriber circuit. The main functions of the subscriber circuit are over-voltage protection, ringing, testing, power-feed, monitoring, switching, and analog to digital conversion. Signal relays are used in a subscriber circuit for ringing, testing, and polarity reverse switch functions.

    The application diagram of a telephony subscriber circuit is given as following:

    IM41GR Subscriber circuit application diagram

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