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    LM555CM device package

    LM555CM schematic symbol

    The 555 timer is one of the most widely used integrated circuits in electronics projects. The 555 timer is a multi-function IC which can be used in various modes. The 555 timer can be used as mono-stable, bi-stable or astable multivibrator. The 555 timer is mainly used as a timer in electronic circuits to provide time delays or to generate timing pulses. The common applications of 555 timer ICs include one-shot timers, pulse generators, LED flashers, alarms, logic clocks, frequency dividers, power supplies and converter circuits. By using different combinations of external passive components and 555 timer pins, the IC can be used in different modes. Looking at the number of applications of this IC and the units manufactured per year it can be concluded that 555 is the most popular IC ever produced.

    What is LM555CM?

    The LM555CM is a highly stable 555 timer oscillator which is capable of producing accurate timing pulses and is manufactured by Fairchild Semiconductor. In the mono-stable configuration, the delay can be controlled using one resistor and one capacitor. In astable configuration, the frequency and duty cycle of the signal can be controlled using two resistors and one capacitor. The salient features of this IC include high current drive capability, high temperature stability and adjustable duty cycle. The LM555CM comes in 8-SOIC package.

    Pin Configuration

    The pin configuration of the LM555CM timer IC is given in the table below:

    Pin number Pin name Pin description
    1 GND Power supply ground
    2 Trigger Timer trigger pin
    3 Output Output signal pin
    4 RST Timer reset pin
    5 Control Voltage IC stability pin
    6 Threshold Ground pin
    7 Discharge Threshold voltage pin for resetting the output
    8 Vcc Supply voltage


    • High current drive capability of 200mA
    • Adjustable duty cycle
    • High temperature stability
    • Timing in range of us to hours
    • Less than 2us turn-off time


    The applications of LM555CM timer oscillator are provided as following:

    • LED controllers
    • Amplifier circuits
    • Tachometers
    • Continuity testers
    • Relay drivers
    • Alarm circuits
    • Light dimmers
    • Metal detectors
    • PWM motor control
    • Stepper motor controllers
    • Traffic lights
    • Transistor testers
    • Voltage doublers
    • Industrial timers
    • Remote controllers


    The major technical specifications of the LM555CM timer oscillator are provided as following:

    • Terminals: 8
    • Package: 8-pin SOIC
    • Drive current: 200mA
    • Minimum turn off time: 2us
    • Maximum supply voltage: 16V
    • Supply current: 6mA
    • Power dissipation: 600mW
    • Max operating temperature: 70 degrees
    • Timing error: 3%
    • Output rise/fall time: 100ns

    How LM555CM work?

    The LM555CM is a high performance 555 timer oscillator integrated circuit from Fairchild semiconductor. The 555 timer is one of the most popular and widely used ICs ever produced. This IC is used in delay, timer, pulse, and controller circuits. One of the common applications of the 555 timer is the PWM generation for DC motor control applications. PWM stands for pulse width modulation and is a very widely used motor control technique.

    The PWM generation circuit using 555 timer is presented in the figure below:

    LM555CM application circuit

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