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    KSC3503ESTU device package

    KSC3503ESTU device package

    KSC3503ESTU schematic symbol

    KSC3503ESTU schematic symbol

    The invention of the Silicon transistors in the mid 50s is regarded as the greatest invention of the 20th century. The semiconductor transistor single-handedly kicked off the third industrial revolution by making the existence of computers possible. Today the transistors are one of the most widely used electronic components which are used both as amplifiers and as switches. Transistors are available in discrete as well as fabricated IC packages.

    What is KSC3503ESTU?

    The KSC3503ESTU is a NPN epitaxial Silicon bipolar junction transistor manufactured by On Semiconductor Corporation. Like most of the common transistors, the KSC3503ESTU is a three terminal device. The three terminals are Collector, Emitter, and Base respectively. This series of transistors is ideal for use in audio applications, CRT displays, video systems, and as current source.

    Pin Configuration

    The pin/terminal description of the KSC3503ESTU transistor is given in the table below:

    Pin number Description
    1 Emitter terminal of the transistor
    2 Collector terminal of the transistor
    3 Base terminal of the transistor


    • High voltage rating: VCEO = 300V
    • Low reverse transfer capacitance
    • Excellent gain linearity at low THD
    • High frequency operation of 150 MHz
    • Availability of thermal and SPICE models


    The common applications of KSC3503ESTU are presented as following:

    • Audio electronic circuits
    • Video output electronic circuits
    • CRT display circuits
    • Voltage amplifiers in electronic circuits
    • Current source in electronic circuits


    The major technical specifications of the KSC3503ESTU are provided as following:

    • VCEO: 300V
    • Maximum frequency: 150MHz
    • Collector Base voltage: 300V
    • Collector DC current: 100mA
    • Collector pulse current: 200mA
    • Power dissipation at 25oC: 7W
    • Junction temperature: 150oC
    • Collector Emitter breakdown voltage: 300V
    • Maximum DC current gain: 320
    • Output capacitance: 2.6pF
    • Reverse transfer capacitance: 1.8pF


    KSC3503ES , KSC3503DS ,  KSC3503DSTU;  

    How KSC3503ESTU work?

    Bipolar junction transistors are very commonly used in electronic circuits of all types. The bipolar junction transistors can be used as amplifiers or as switches. The KSC3503ESTU transistor from ON semiconductor is designed to be used as a general purpose amplifier transistor. The bipolar transistors are either NPN or PNP type. The KSC3503ESTU is the NPN transistor.  

    One of the key applications of KSC3503ESTU is the implementation of a constant current source. A constant current source is a circuit which supplies or absorbs constant current regardless of the voltage across it. The current source circuit is very important in the design of audio amplifiers. The current sources are used in the circuits for providing biasing currents. There are multiple configurations and designs which are used to implement a constant current source. Some of the popular designs include Wilson circuit, Widlar circuit, 3-transistor circuit and cascade circuit.

    In addition to the construction of constant current source, the KSC3503ESTU transistor can also be used as voltage amplifier and as general purpose amplifier in electronic circuits.

    KSC3503ESTU BJT current mirror application circuit (1)

    KSC3503ESTU BJT current mirror application circuit

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