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    PI2EQX4401DZFE device package

    PI2EQX4401DZFE device package

    PI2EQX4401DZFEX schematic symbol

    PI2EQX4401DZFEX schematic symbol

    PCI Express is a high-speed serial bus expansion standard which is widely used in computer motherboards. The PCI Express stands for Peripheral Component Interconnect Express. The PCI-e is commonly used for interfacing the graphic cards, hard drives, SSD devices, and Ethernet modems with the motherboard. The older versions of the PCI-e were PCI and PCI-X bus standards. In board-to-board and cabled systems, it is often required to enhance the reach of PCI-e bus. PCI-e repeaters are used for this purpose.

    What is PI2EQX4401DZFEX?

    The PI2EQX4401DZFEX is a 1-Lane Serial PCI-Express Repeater/Equalizer developed by PERICOM. This low power signal repeater comes with a built-in clock buffer and signal detect feature. The module uses four select bits to provide programmable equalization, amplification, and de-emphasis.

    The PI2EQX4401DZFEX supports two 100 Ohm differential CML data I/Os and is capable of extending the signals across remote pathways on the user’s network. The built-in equalization and de-emphasis circuits provide flexibility with signal integrity before and after signal re-driving respectively. Both the channels of the module operate independently and feature low-level signal detection and output squelch function. Apart from signal reconditioning functionality, the PI2EQX4401DZFEX also provides stand-by power management functions. A differential clock buffer is also present in the module for testing and diagnostics purposes.  

    Pin Configuration

    The pins of PI2EQX4401DZFEX are divided into several group types. The description of each group is provided in the table below:

    Pin group Description
    VDD, GND Supply voltage and ground pins
    AI Positive and negative CML input pins for channel A
    CLKIN Differential input reference clock
    IREF External reference resistor to set differential output current
    BI Positive and negative CML input pins for channel B
    OUT Differential reference clock output pins
    SEL_A Selection pins for equalizer
    SEL_B Selection pins for de-emphasis
    AO Positive and negative CML output pins for channel A
    BO Positive and negative CML output pins for channel B
    AVDD, AGND 1.8V analog voltage supply and analog ground pins
    EN Enable pin
    SIG_A, SIG_B Signal detector output pins for channel A and B


    • High speed 2.5Gbps PCI-Express lane
    • Built-in de-emphasis and equalization circuitry
    • Adjustable transmitter and receiver equalization
    • Input signal level detection and output squelch features
    • 100 Ohm differential CML I/Os
    • Low power consumption (100mW per channel)
    • Standby mode power management function
    • Lead-free green packaging


    The major applications of the PERICOM PI2EQX4401DZFEX are given as following:

    1. Signal conditioning and re-driving in board-to-board networks
    2. Signal conditioning and re-driving in cabled networks
    3. Expansion of the PCI-e bus network


    The major technical specifications of the PI2EQX4401DZFEX are provided as following:

    • Supply voltage: -0.5V to 2.5V
    • DC SIG voltage: -0.5V to VDD+0.5V
    • Current output: -25mA to 25mA
    • Continuous power dissipation: 500mW
    • Operating temperature range: 0 to 70oC
    • Latency: 2ns
    • Output resistance: 50 Ohm
    • Transmission time: 150ps
    • Packaging: Lead-free 36-pad TQFN

    How PI2EQX4401DZFEX work?

    The PI2EQX4401DZFEX PCI Express bus signal repeaters are used to expand the outreach of PCI-e bus. These repeaters are used in board-to-board and cabled network systems where the expansion of the local PCI-e serial bus is required.

    PI2EQX4401DZFE PCI-e redriver and equalizer application circuit

    PI2EQX4401DZFE PCI-e redriver and equalizer application circuit

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