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    LMR12010YMKENOPB device package

    LMR12010YMKENOPB device package

    LMR12010YMKENOPB schematic symbol

    LMR12010YMKENOPB schematic symbol

    Voltage regulators ICs are an integral part of modern switch mode power supplies, power electronic circuits, and consumer electronic devices. Almost all consumer electronic devices run on low level DC voltage. Even those device which run on AC power, have AC-DC converters built into them. The electronic components such as microprocessors, microcontrollers, ICs, LCDs, and LEDs require low level DC voltages for their operation, ranging from 1.8V to 5V. The DC power can either be provided through a battery or through an AC-DC converter. However, all the battery operated electronic devices also have AC-DC converter circuits built into them to charge the battery. The main element in an AC-DC converter is the diode rectifier which converts the AC to DC however, the output voltage of the rectifier contains high ripple content which degrades power quality. Hence voltage regulators are used in such circuits to remove the ripple content from the signal and to provide a stable DC voltage to the desired load.

    What is LMR12010YMKE/NOPB?

    The LMR12010YMKE/NOPB is a monolithic high-frequency regulator with built in PWM step-down DC-DC converter. This PWM DC-DC converter based regulator is developed by Texas Instruments. The regulator comes in a 6 pin SOT-23 package. This regulator IC is compact in size and requires minimum external components. The device houses a 300 Ohm NMOS switch which can drive loads up to 1A. The advanced control circuit provides on-times as low as 13ns which ensures high frequency operation. The default switching frequency of the regulator is set to 3MHz. Despite of high frequency operation, the device boasts an impressive efficiency of 90%. The device features current mode control and internal compensation in order to provide high performance regulation over a wide range of operating conditions. The device includes advanced internal circuitry for soft start current limiter, pulse-by-pulse current limiter, thermal shutdown, and over-voltage protection.

    Pin Configuration                           

    The pin configuration of the LMR12010YMKE/NOPB PWM DC-DC regulator is given in the table below:

    Pin name Pin description
    GND Signal and power ground.
    Vin Input supply voltage
    SW Output switch
    BOOST Boost voltage that drives the internal NMOS switch.
    FB Feedback pin.
    EN Enable control input. Active high.


    • 3-20V input voltage range
    • Output voltage range of 0.8-17V
    • Output current up to 1A
    • 3MHz default switching frequency
    • Internal soft starter
    • Current mode PWM operation
    • Thermal shutdown
    • Over voltage protection
    • Tiny footprint


    The applications of LMR12010YMKE/NOPB voltage regulator are provided as following:

    • Point of load conversions from 3.3V, 5V and 12V rails
    • Compact and constrained space applications
    • Battery powered electronic devices
    • Industrial distributed power applications
    • Power metering solutions
    • Portable and handheld instruments


    The major technical specifications of the LMR12010YMKE/NOPB are provided as following:

    • Terminals: 6
    • Package: SOT-23
    • Input voltage range: 3V-20V
    • Output voltage range: 0.8V-17V
    • Max output current: 1A
    • Switching frequency: 3MHz
    • Software support: WEBENCH Power Designer

    How LMR12010YMKE/NOPB work?

    There are basically two main types of voltage regulators which are fixed-voltage and variable-voltage regulators. The LMR12010YMKE/NOPB is a variable voltage regulator from Texas Instruments which features a PWM DC-DC converter to achieve the voltage step-down function. These regulators are widely used in switch mode power supplies, smart wearable devices, handheld instruments, and industrial electronic equipment.

    The typical application circuit of this 6-pin regulator IC is given in the figure below:

    LMR12010YMKENOPB typical application circuit

    LMR12010YMKENOPB typical application circuit

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