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    LP2985-33DBVR device package

    LP2985-33DBVR device package

    LP2985-33DBVR regulator schematic symbol

    LP2985-33DBVR regulator schematic symbol

    Voltage regulators ICs are an integral part of modern switch mode power supplies, power electronic circuits, and consumer electronic devices. One of the most common types of power electronic converters is the rectifier based AC-DC converter. Almost all consumer electronic devices run on low level DC voltage. Even those device which run on AC power, have AC-DC converters built into them. The electronic components such as microprocessors, microcontrollers, ICs, LCDs, and LEDs require low level DC voltages for their operation ranging from 1.8V to 5V. The DC power can either be provided through a battery or through an AC-DC converter. However, all the battery operated electronic devices also have AC-DC converter circuits built into them to charge the battery. The main element in an AC-DC converter is the diode rectifier which converts the AC to DC however, the output voltage of the rectifier contains high ripple content which degrades power quality. Hence voltage regulators are used in such circuits to remove the ripple content from the signal and provide a stable DC voltage to the desired load.

    What is LP2985-33DBVR?

    The LP2985-33DBVR is a fixed-output low-dropout voltage regulator IC developed by Texas Instruments. This cost effective and high performance device is ideal for portable and non-portable applications. The device provides stable 3.3V at its output with 150mA continuous load current. This regulator has all the standard features such as over current protection and thermal protection. The device comes in a compact SOT-23 package.

    Pin Configuration                            

    The pin configuration of the LP2985-33DBVR linear voltage regulator is given in the table below:

    Pin name Pin description
    GND Ground pin
    Vin Supply input
    Vout Voltage output
    ON/OFF Active low shut down pin
    BYPASS 10-nF capacitor connection pin for low noise performance


    • Standard tolerance of 1.5%
    • 3V stable output
    • Low dropout voltage
    • Over current protection
    • Over temperature protection
    • High peak current capability
    • JESD 22 ESD protection
    • Wide input voltage range


    The applications of LP2985-33DBVR voltage regulator are provided as following:

    • Voltage regulation in portable devices
    • Digital cameras and cam-coders
    • CD and DVD players
    • MP3 players and audio systems
    • Voltage regulation in custom embedded circuits


    The major technical specifications of the LP2985-33DBVR are provided as following:

    • Terminals: 5
    • Max DC input voltage: 16V
    • Max junction temperature: 150OC
    • Output voltage: 3.3V
    • Max output current: 150mA
    • ESD rating: 2000V (HBM)
    • Ripple rejection: 45dB
    • Peak output current: 350mA
    • Package: SOT-23


    ADP3309ART-3.3, TK71632ASCL, ILC7082AIM532X; 

    How LP2985-33DBVR work?

    The LP2985-33DBVR is a high-performance low-dropout voltage regulator which is ideal for handheld and portable electronic devices such as mp3 players and cameras. The primary purpose of this voltage regulator device is to maintain a stable and fixed DC voltage at its output terminals regardless of the fluctuations in input voltage. The voltage regulator removes ripples and spikes from the input voltage and features over-current and thermal protection capabilities. The configuration and application circuit of the LP2985-33DBVR regulator is provided in the figure below:

    LP2985-33DBVR application circuit

    LP2985-33DBVR application circuit

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