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    MBR360G device package

    MBR360G schematic symbol

    With the introduction of semiconductor devices, the electronics technology has really taken off. Today, it is virtually impossible to think of an electronic device which does not contain any semiconductor devices. With the passage of time, different types of semiconductor devices have been invented. One of the most common semiconductor devices used today is the diode. A diode is basically a two terminal component which conducts current in a single direction. An ideal diode exhibits very low resistance in one direction and very high resistance in the opposite direction. There are many different types of diodes which are used in various applications. Some of the diode types include Zener diode, Schottky diode, photo diode, PIN diode, laser diode, and light emitting diode. Diodes are commonly employed in rectifiers and voltage regulators.

    What is MBR360G?

    The MBR360G is a Schottky barrier diode from ON Semiconductor. This diode employs Schottky barrier principle in large area metal-to-silicon power diode. These diodes feature metal overlap contact and epitaxial construction with oxide passivation. These power Schottky diodes are ideal for use in low voltage high-frequency inverters. They are employed as free-wheeling diodes and polarity protection diodes in high switching frequency power electronic circuits.

    Pin Configuration

    The pin configuration of the MBR360G Schottky diode is given in the table below:

    Pin Number Pin name Pin description
    1 Anode Positive terminal of the diode.
    2 Cathode Negative terminal of the diode.


    • Low forward voltage drop
    • Low power losses
    • High efficiency
    • Highly stable oxide passivated junction
    • Majority carrier conduction
    • Lead-free package


    The applications of MBR360G Schottky diode are provided as following:

    • High frequency inverters
    • Freewheeling diodes
    • Polarity protection diodes
    • Power electronic circuits
    • Switching power supplies


    The major technical specifications of the MBR360G Schottky diode are provided as following:

    • Terminals: 2
    • Package: Epoxy lead-free
    • Weight: 1.1g
    • Finish: Corrosion resistant
    • Voltage rating: 60V
    • Current rating: 3A

    How MBR360G work?

    The MBR360G is a power Schottky diode from ON Semiconductor. The voltage and current ratings of this diode are 60V and 3A respectively. This diode is ideal for use in low voltage, high frequency inverter circuits. An inverter is a power electronic circuit which converters DC voltage into AC voltage.

    An application inverter circuit with Schottky diodes is given in the following figure:

    MBR360G application circuit

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