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    LQG15HN2N2S02D device package

    LQG15HN2N2S02D schematic symbol

    Resistors, capacitors and inductors are the three primary passive electrical components. These components are widely used in all types of electronic circuits and literally have hundreds of thousands of application cases. Inductors are basically magnetic elements which store energy in the form of magnetism. Inductors are also known as coils, chokes or reactors. The basic construction of any conductor consists of a coiled wire wrapped around a magnetic core. Inductors are an integral part of radio systems, filters, switch mode power supplies and transceivers. The modern electronic circuits put very stringent requirements on the size of electronic components hence the manufacturers have to come up with compact devices. In all such applications, chip inductors are commonly used to save the space.

    What is LQG15HN2N2S02D?

    The LQG15HN2N2S02D is a chip inductor manufactured by Murata. These chip inductors are ideal for space constrained applications due to their small form factor and footprint. Due to their use in high performance electronic circuits, these inductors are designed to be very reliable. These chip inductors support placement machines as well as flow/reflow soldering process. Due to the AEC-Q200 qualification, these inductors are also suitable for use in automotive applications. The packaging is lead-free RoHS compliant.

    Pin Configuration

    The pin configuration of the LQG15HN2N2S02D chip inductor is given in the table below:

    Pin Number Pin name Pin description
    1 Terminal 1 Non-polar terminal.
    2 Terminal 2 Non-polar terminal.


    • Small footprint
    • High reliability
    • Supports placement machines
    • Supports flow/reflow soldering process
    • AEC-Q200 qualified
    • RoHS compliant


    The applications of LQG15HN2N2S02D chip inductor are provided as following:

    • Filter circuits
    • Signal conditioning circuits
    • Radio equipment
    • TV transceivers
    • Switch mode power supplies
    • Power compensators
    • Harmonic filters
    • Tuned circuits
    • Inverters and converters
    • Automotive applications
    • Industrial applications


    The major technical specifications of the ERJ- LQG15HN2N2S02D chip inductor are provided as following:

    • Terminals: 2
    • Qualification: AEC-Q200
    • Standards: IEC-60115-8, JIS C 5201-8, JEITA RC-2134C
    • Package: RoHS compliant

    How LQG15HN2N2S02D work?

    The LQG15HN2N2S02D is a chip inductor manufactured by Murata. Due their small form factor and high reliability, these inductors are used in high performance consumer and industrial electronic circuits. They are also suitable for automotive applications due to the relevant qualification. There are hundreds of different applications of inductors and they are found in a wide range of commercial electronic products. One of the simpler applications of an inductor is the LCL filter circuit which is widely used in power supplies, grid stations and signal processing applications.

    The LCL filter application circuit is given in the figure below:

    LQG15HN2N2S02D application circuit

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