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    NRF905 device package

    NRF905 device package

    NRF905 schematic symbol

    NRF905 schematic symbol

    The life in 21st century cannot be imagined without modern communication technologies. Whether it is mobile phones, televisions, radios, satellites or internet, communication technology is at the heart of all of these applications. Transceivers are a vital component of any modern digital communication system. The size as well as the power consumption of the electronic devices is shrinking drastically. This calls for solutions which are power efficient and require very less components. Various chip manufacturer offer single chip radio transceivers for high performance data communication applications.

    What is NRF0905?

    NRF0905 is a single chip radio transceiver for the 433/869/915 ISM band developed by NORDIC SEMICONDUCTOR. The device package features a fully integrated frequency synthesizer, receiver chain with demodulator, power amplifier, crystal oscillator and modulator. The device utilizes proprietary ShockBurst feature for the handling of preamble and CRC. The NRF905 can be easily configured through SPI. The device is very power efficient and consumes a current of 9mA in transmit mode. The current consumption in receiver mode is 12.5mA. The device also supports various power down modes.

    Pin Configuration                            

    The pins of the NRF905 are divided into various groups. The description of each pin group is provided in the table below:

    Pin number Pin description
    4,5,9,16,17,18,19,22,24,25,26,27,28,29,30,31 Power pins
    1,2,32 Digital input pins
    6,7,8 Digital output pins
    14,23 Analog input pins
    15 Analog output pins
    10,11,12,13 SPI related pins
    20,21 RF and antenna pins
    4 Clock output pin


    • True single chip GFSK transceiver
    • ShockBurst mode for low power operation
    • Power supply range from 1.9V to 3.6V
    • Multi-channel operation
    • No need for external SAW filter
    • Output power adjustable up to 10dBm
    • Automatic retransmission of data packets
    • Automatic CRC and preamble generation
    • Low power and current consumption


    The common application areas of NRF905 are listed as following:

    • Wireless data communication
    • Alarm and security systems
    • Home automation systems
    • Automotive applications
    • Remote controllers
    • Surveillance systems
    • Keyless access
    • Telemetry


    The major technical specifications of the NRF905 transceiver module are listed as following:

    • Supply voltage: 1.9V – 3.6V
    • Max transmit output power: 10dBm
    • Data rate: 50kbps
    • Transmit mode supply current: 9mA
    • Receive mode supply current: 12.5mA
    • Sensitivity: -100dBm
    • Power down mode supply current: 2.5uA


    CYRF8935A-24LQXC, CYRF8935A-4XW14C, CYRF8935A-4X14C; 

    How NRF905 work?

    The NRF905 is a single chip GFSK transceiver for data communication applications. This is a true single chip solution which requires very few external components. This radio transceiver is widely used in wireless and radio data communication systems in commercial and industrial equipment. One of the major electronic sub-systems in communication systems is the 50 Ohm antenna. This type of antenna is widely used in radio communications, mobile communications, and digital data communications.

    The connection of the NRF905 chip to the 50 Ohm antenna is shown in the following application circuit diagram below:

    NRF905 application circuit

    NRF905 application circuit

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