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    RC0805JR-070RL device package

    RC0805JR-070RL schematic symol

    Resistors are passive electrical components which are very widely used in all types of electrical and electronic circuits. As the name suggests, the primary task of a resistor is to resist the flow of current in the circuit. The resistor dissipates electrical energy in the form of heat. Resistors are available in many different shapes, materials, specifications, and size to cater for the large number of applications in which they are used. Unlike capacitors and inductors, resistors do not store any energy and therefore they do not cause any phase difference between voltage and current. Resistors are widely used for the purpose of gauging, sensing, voltage division, current division and circuit protection. The modern PCBs and circuits feature very small and miniature components due to the demand for smaller and compact electronic devices. Hence, chip resistors are employed in such applications. Chip resistors are miniature resistors with very small form factor.

    What is RC0805JR-070RL?

    The RC0805JR-070RL is a chip resistor manufactured by Yageo PhiComp. These chip resistors are ideal for space constrained applications due to their small form factor and footprint. Due to their use in high performance electronic circuits, these resistors are designed to be very reliable. These resistors support placement machines as well as flow/reflow soldering process. The resistor is constructed on top of a high-grade ceramic structure. The resistive element is a noble metal contained in a glass casing. The Halogen-free construction and RoHS compliance make these resistors environmental friendly.

    Pin Configuration

    The pin configuration of the RC0805JR-070RL chip resistor is given in the table below:

    Pin Number Pin name Pin description
    1 Terminal 1 Non-polar terminal.
    2 Terminal 2 Non-polar terminal.


    • Small footprint
    • High reliability
    • Supports placement machines
    • Supports flow/reflow soldering process
    • Halogen-free epoxy construction
    • RoHS compliant


    The applications of RC0805JR-070RL chip resistor are provided as following:

    • Computer, laptops and notebooks
    • Smart phones and tablets
    • Telecom and server equipment
    • Power supplies and inverters
    • Gaming consoles and A/V systems
    • Industrial applications


    The major technical specifications of the RC0805JR-070RL chip resistor are provided as following:

    • Terminals: 2
    • Package: RoHS compliant
    • Standards: EN 140401-802, EN 60115-1, EN 60115-8

    How RC0805JR-070RL work?

    The RC0805JR-070RL is a chip resistor manufactured by Yageo PhyComp. Due their small form factor and high reliability, these resistors are used in high-performance commercial and industrial electronic circuits. Resistors are widely used in sensing and instrumentation applications as well. One of the famous applications of resistors is the strain gauge circuit which is used for the measurement of force, pressure, tension and/or weight.

    This circuit consists of a resistive bridge which is shown in figure below:

    RC0805JR-070RL application circuit

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